Doktorantu saraksts

UzvārdsVārdsZinātniskais vadītājsPētījuma tēma
AmelovMuratProf. A. Medvedevs, Prof. J. TolujevsIntegrated logistics support as a factor in the international competitiveness of aviation
DiņkoAliseProf. I. YatskivSustainable Trip Planner Development
FedorovRomanProf. D. PavlyukStudy of economic efficiency of data-driven fault diagnosis and prognosis techniques in MRO
HismutovaAnastasijaProf. I. YatskivDevelopment of the Riga Airport in accordance with the concept “Airport City”.
LarinDanilaProf. J. TolujevsInventory management and mathematical models for forecasting demand for stored materials
PivovarMaksimProf. B. Misnev, Assoc. prof. I. PticinaMethodology for building an effective data migration mechanism in the process of implementation of information systems at enterprises of technical service and operation of aircraft
RozhkovaLiubovProf. I. KabashkinModels of decision support systems for inventory management during maintenance and repair of aviation systems based on historical data on hidden defects at all stages of its life cycle.
SkorobogatovaOksanaProf. I. Kuzmina-MerlinoEconomic aspects of the concept of the transport sector’s sustainable development
TyncherovTimurProf. I. KabashkinModelling of maintenance management processes in the ecosystem of aircraft operation using prediction of its technical condition at various stages of the life cycle
ZervinaOlgaProf. Y. Stukalina, Assoc. Prof. D. PavlyukA Linguistic Analysis of Innovation Project Proposals In the Context of the Air Transport
DolleNicholasProf. I. Kuzmina-MerlinoArtificial Intelligence as replacement of middle management in major organizations listed in the DAX and MDAX indexes of the German stock exchange
BodrovaIrinaProf. I. KabashkinDevelopment of models for aircraft structure smart maintenance process in digital ecosystem of operation.
SusaninVitaliiProf. I. KabashkinEfficiency Improvement of Maintenance and Reliability Control Programmes of Aircraft within the Frame of the Integrated Digital Ecosystem of their Operation.
ShoshinLeonidProf. I. KabashkinImprovement of Aircraft Structural Maintenance and Repair Processes on the Base of Decision Support Systems with Ontology Models within the Frame of the Integrated Digital Ecosystem of Aircraft Operation.
ZhdanovVladislavProf. A. GrakovskiAircraft engine state estimation and modelling of trends of engine’s parameters based on time series forecasting methods.
KharlovArtemProf. J. TolujevsSupply Chain Management
SidorecsAleksandrsProf. J. TolujevsSupply Chain Engineering 4.0: design framework for autonomous systems
LarinaJeļenaProf. D. PavlyukApplication of modern graphical models for urban transportation problems

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