List of PhD Students

Surname Name

Scientific Supervisor

Research topic

Mitrofanovs Daniels

Assoc. professor J. Popova

The Impact of the Development of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Business

Etian Boress Kemgou Voptia

Professor Y. Stukalina

Digital Transformation and Labour Productivity Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Reallocation Channel Analysis

Muhammad Taley

Professor Y. Stukalina

Role of Digital Customer Communication on Ecommerce

Zamanbek Adilkhan

Assoc. professor I. Alomar

Management of Digitalization process and digital twins in aviation industry

Abdurakhmonova Ferangiz

Professor I. Kuzmina-Merlino

Increasing the Significance of a Company’s Integrated Reporting for Measuring Its Sustainable Performance

Orzikulov Marufjon

Assoc. professor J. Popova

Efficiency of Digitalization Process Within the Agricultural Sector of Uzbekistan

Amelov Murat

Prof. A. Medvedevs, Prof. J. Tolujevs

Integrated logistics support as a factor in the international competitiveness of aviation

Fedorov Roman

Prof. D. Pavlyuk

Study of economic efficiency of data-driven fault diagnosis and prognosis techniques in MRO

Larin Danila

Prof. J. Tolujevs

Inventory management and mathematical models for forecasting demand for stored materials

Pivovar Maksim

Prof. B. Misnev, Prof. I. Pticina

Methodology for building an effective data migration mechanism in the process of implementation of information systems at enterprises of technical service and operation of aircraft

Rozhkova Liubov

Prof. I. Kabashkin

Models of decision support systems for inventory management during maintenance and repair of aviation systems based on historical data on hidden defects at all stages of its life cycle.

Skorobogatova Oksana

Prof. I. Stecenko

Development of the specialty market under the influence of digitalization

Tyncherov Timur

Prof. I. Kabashkin

Modelling of maintenance management processes in the ecosystem of aircraft operation using prediction of its technical condition at various stages of the life cycle

Dolle Nicholas

Prof. I. Kuzmina-Merlino

Artificial Intelligence as replacement of middle management in major organizations listed in the DAX and MDAX indexes of the German stock exchange

Bodrova Irina

Prof. I. Kabashkin

Development of models for aircraft structure smart maintenance process in digital ecosystem of operation.

Susanin Vitalii

Prof. I. Kabashkin

Efficiency Improvement of Maintenance and Reliability Control Programmes of Aircraft within the Frame of the Integrated Digital Ecosystem of their Operation.

Shoshin Leonid

Prof. I. Kabashkin

Improvement of Aircraft Structural Maintenance and Repair Processes on the Base of Decision Support Systems with Ontology Models within the Frame of the Integrated Digital Ecosystem of Aircraft Operation.

Zhdanov Vladislav

Prof. A. Grakovski

Aircraft engine state estimation and modelling of trends of engine’s parameters based on time series forecasting methods.

Kharlov Artem

Prof. J. Tolujevs, Assistant Prof. B. Ovezmyradov

Supply Chain Management

Sidorecs Aleksandrs

Prof. J. Tolujevs

Supply Chain Engineering 4.0: design framework for autonomous systems

Perevozčikova Jeļena

Prof. D. Pavlyuk

Application of modern graphical models for urban transportation problems

Vesjolijs Aleksejs

Prof. M. Savrasovs

Assessment Methodology for the Hyperloop Implementation

Turno Francesco Maria

Prof. I. Yatskiv; Dr. N. Rubens

Personalization of MaaS Solutions: a Multivariate Data Fusion Approach

Perekrestov Vladimir

Prof. I. Kabashkin

Digital Transformation of Aviation Maintenance Organisation in the Digital Economy

Bulyaeva Maftuna

Prof. I. Stecenko

Digital business development for women in Uzbekistan

Kulikov Daniil

Prof. I. Kuzmina-Merlino

Competitive global brands governance in the sports industry

Khabibullaev Abduboriy

Assoc. Prof. J. Popova

Digital transformation of education

Dzharagetti Anastasiia

Assoc. Prof. J. Popova

Digital marketing communication in online education

Dinārs Konstantīns

Prof. B. Misnevs

Development of pricing methodology in product IT companies

Diņko Alise

Prof. I. Jackiva

Assist. Professor E. Budiloviča

Research and analysis of passenger purchasing behaviour and revenue increase possibilities for non-aviation airport services.

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