Akadēmiskais personāls

Asoc. profesors 

Dr. sc. ing.
Iyad Alomar
Inženierzinātņu fakultāte

Current position:  Assistant professor, Engineering Faculty


  • More than 8 years of academic expereince
  • More than 17 years experince in aviation maintenace
  • More than 2 years and still ongoing experince at top managment position in aviation business (Airline General Director Technical Maintenance Chief Advisor)

Teaching activity

Master level (Aviation Managment Program): Managmet of Aviation Maintenace

Bachelor level (Aviation engineering Program): Aircraft Maintenace Planning, Aerodynamic & Flight Dynamic; Maintenace of Aircraft; Probeller and its control systems; Human Facotors; Introduction to spiciality

Publication activity: Author\Co-author of 10 research publications in journals and conference proceedings (incl. SCOPUS&WoS)

Projects: Horizon 2020 “ Enhancing excellence and innovation capacity in sustainable transport interchange – ALLIANCE”

Supervised theses: 1 Master student, 3 Bachelor students


Motto: Quality is not an act, it’s a habit

Hobby: Mushroom picking


Mg. sc. ing., Mg. oec.
Jeļena Baranova
Inženierzinātņu fakultāte
Jelena Baranova
Asoc. profesors 

Dr. phys.
Dmitrijs Bočarovs
Inženierzinātņu fakultāte
Dmitry Bocharov

Current position – Associated professor of the Engineering Faculty, Leading researcher in Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia

Experience – more than 15 years of research experience, more than 5 years in research administration positions: Since 2021 Dmiry is the Head of Scientific Council in Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia.

Membership – Since 2012 Dmitry is Organizing committee member of the Latvian Physics Olympiad for high-school students; 

Since 2012 Dmitry is Organizing committee member of the Latvian Open Physics Olympiad for high-school students (in 2005-2007, 2011-2013, 2016-2021 as Olympiad coordinator);

Since 2016 Dmitry is Member of Scientific Council of Institute of Solid State Physics

Teaching activity – Since 2013: Transport and Telecommunication Institute, Riga, Latvia, Bachelor program course “Higher mathematics” (15 ECTS, bachelor level);

In 2017-2020: Group leader in development of Master program courses “Introduction to computational methods on material research” (3 ECTS) and “Introduction to symmetry of Solids” (3 ECTS) (University of Latvia, Institute of Solid State Physics) as well as upgrade of theoretical part in PhD student exam program in Solid State Physics specialization (University of Latvia);

In 2006-2014 Conduction of a practical work “X-ray absorption spectroscopy” at the University of Latvia (in frames of “Solid state and material science laboratory” course for Master/Bachelor students, University of Latvia, 6 ECTS)

Publication activity – Author/co-author of more than 35 research publications in journals and conference proceedings (indexed in SCOPUS/WoS). Hirsh index = 10 according to Scopus.

Projects – In 2009–2012, Dmitry participated as a researcher in the project “Applications of computer science and its links to quantum physics” at the Faculty of Computing, University of Latvia; In 2018-2021 Dmitry is working on his own postdoctoral project “Quantum chemical and molecular dynamics study of advanced solids and nanomaterials: challenging road to reality”. In 2014–2015, Dr. Bocharov was a post-doctoral fellow at the Paul Scherrer Institute (Villigen, Switzerland) in the framework of project “Theoretical modelling of pristine and chromium-doped UO2 Nuclear Fuel”.

Supervised theses – 3 master level and 2 bachelor thesis supervision in Physics and Chemistry with successful defence, Supervision of PhD thesis in a topic “First principles simulations on yttrium and oxygen precipitation inside fcc-Fe lattice”; the official reviewer of 3 PhD thesis.

Research fields/domains – applicability of computational science methods for the description of structural, electronic and photocatalytic properties of solids; adsorption and surface reactivity of solids; physics and chemistry of nanostructures; interpretation of X-ray absorption spectroscopy.

Awards – Latvenergo and Latvian academy of Sciences Award in Energetics (2016)

Motto – A scientist is a person who does not understand scientific problems much deeper than others do.

Hobby – Photography, music, intellectual games, chess, hiking, medieval reconstruction


Dr. sc. ing.
Evelīna Budiloviča
Transporta un vadībzinātņu fakultāte

Current position – Assistant professor

Experience – more than 15 years of experience in transport planning and simulation in the Riga municipality, more than 1 year in academic and research as assistant of professor and lecture in TSI Certified specialist in using EMME software (traffic flow simulation.

Membership Member of the Latvian Simulation and Modelling Society, Association “WOMEN IN TRANSPORT”

Teaching activity – Geography of Transport Systems (4ECTS, master level), Decision Making Methodologies (2ECTS, master level), Sustainable Transport Interchanges (6ECTS, master level)

Publication activity – Author/co-author of 11 research publications in journals and conference proceedings (indexed in SCOPUS/WoS).

Projects – for the last years participated in more than 2 international projects (Horizon2020, INTERREG): ALLIANCE project (https://alliance-project.eu/) – participant, SUMBA (https://sumba.eu/) – project coordinator

Supervised theses – 2 master level thesis supervision with successful defence

Research fields/domains – simulation modelling, sustainable transportation, mobility

Awards – ALLIANCE PROJECT. Scientific Excellence Award 2018

Motto – Don’t give up


Dr. sc. ing.
Aleksandrs Bulekovs
Inženierzinātņu fakultāte

Current position – docent, Dr.sc.ing., TSI/APAC Part-147 quality manager.

Experience  – Associate Professor at RKIIGA (1987-1992), Quality Manager for the  Wings 4 Sky Group Maintenance Organisation (1995- present), Head of the Wings 4 Sky Group Maintenance Organisation (2013-present)

Teaching activity – Human Factors, Aviation Legislation, Aircraft Avionics Systems, Aircraft Electrical Equipment, Airport Operations Management, Aviation Safety Management System, Maintenance Provision.  All programs are bachelor’s level.

Supervised theses – 13 Bachelos,  

Research fields/domains – aircraft systems diagnostics, development of the quality system elements for an aircraft maintenance organizations, refinement of sports aircrafts design.

Motto – “Before making a decision – think.  It is necessary to make decisions”


Mg. sc. comp.
Olga Dribeņeca
Inženierzinātņu fakultāte

Pieaicinātais akadēmiskais personāls


Mg. sc. ing.
Aleksandrs Avdeikins
Aleksandrs Avdeikins photo

Khaled Abbas
Egypt National Institute of Transport (Egypt)

Rathan Babu Athota
Aeronavigācijas inženierijas institūts (Indija)

Rathan Babu Athota (India) has a master’s degree in technology in Aerospace Engineering from Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology – Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India,  (which is under Department of Space ), and he is pursuing PhD in Aerospace Engineering in Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Spain). He got academic work experience as an assistant professor in Aeronautical Engineering department in Institute of Aeronautical Engineering (Hyderabad, Telangana India).

He has been actively participating in international scientific projects since 2014. He is specialized in computational fluid dynamics, Aerodynamics, Aircraft propulsion, Aircraft performance and Flight dynamics. Regarding his projects – “Trajectory and Aerodynamics of Spacecraft in Combined Aerocapture and Aerobraking” (2015 –2016) deals with the effect of aerodynamic models on the aerocapture and aerobraking maneuvers for an Earth entry mission. Currently his research work is based on the Investigation of natural energy resources through computational techniques and he is the member of EUROPEAN INSTITUTE OF INNOVATION  AND TECHNOLOGY. He has authored scientific publications in the field of mechanical and aerospace engineering.


Vyacheslav Cheglatonyev
Odesa International Airport Marketing&Commercial Director

Ioseb Gabelaia

Stefan Hermann Kuhn
Monfort University (UK)

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