TSI is effectively integrating with the modern trends in Education

Where is the limit of Education?

Universities continue to cope with an environment that is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. What is more, technological, demographic, social, environmental, economic, and political changes are pressing them to redefine what and how the educational structure should be. Thought, at the center of this chaos, is a prospective learner focused on personal and professional growth.

For many universities, the last two years have resulted in a strategic and long-term change. The changes applied have cleared the way for a new era of learner success. The focus is on flexibility and support for lifelong learners.

Today, whether by choice or necessity, students are focused on employability, the lifespan of education and the costs associated. Yet, the questions remain wide open for conversation and debates.

How will universities improve, adapt, and stay relevant in 2022? What trends do industry professionals recommend to universities to emphasize in 2022?

Digital solutions in education such as an extensive switch to online learning, usage of apps, and hybrid learning tools will continue enforcing an open mind thinking approach. With digital technologies and an uncertain environment comes new challenges and developments. While educators encourage knowledge, skills, and tendencies along the path to maturity, universities must support with sustainable processes.

Let’s look at educational trends and how Transport and Telecommunications Institute (TSI) deals with them.

Universities Explore New Partnerships – University of the West of England (UWE)

Many Universities are investing in new partnerships with an emphasis on attracting students and lifelong learners. With the demand on the rise and overall enrollment numbers declining, universities are looking for growth approaches and combating enrollment meltdown. With this in mind universities are expanding their offerings and doubling down on strategic plans for the long-term expansion.

While a global focus on reskilling and upskilling is soaring, Transport and Telecommunications Institute (TSI) partnered with the University of the West England (UWE) to provide double degree (DD) on bachelor and master levels. A double degree is an opportunity to experience world-class education in Latvia with British quality, individual approach, resources, and modern teaching methods. Following study programs are offered:

No time lost obtaining Prestigious Education and TWO diplomas!

Student and University Success Requires Innovation – IDEAHuB

Adopting new and student-centric innovation requires using agile programs to empower students, faculty, and staff through the learning and development journey. The sudden closure triggered by COVID-19 has demonstrated the worth of digital strategies such as digital advertising, virtual advising, and hybrid classes.

To combat “the step into the future” and to link students, university, and industry, Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) has launched the iDEAHuB project. iDEAHuB is the center of innovation and entrepreneurship at TSI. It supports the implementation of the “Grants for Students Innovation” project with such activities as training, innovation projects competitions, and others. The project aims to foster the execution of student innovation proposals, which develop student capabilities and entrepreneurial minds of students, bolstering cooperation of higher education institutions and students with business, etc.

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