PhD Topics

NScientific AdvisorDepartmentResearch Topic
1Juri Tolujew,, ProfessorEngineering FacultyModeling and analysis of data flows from smart logistic objects in transport systems
2Simulation and machine learning of ground traffic control system in airports
3Nadezda Spiridovska, Assoc. professorEngineering FacultyBig data-driven decision-making during crisis communication phases
4Big data-driven based approach to flight delay prediction
5Dmitry Pavlyuk, ProfessorEngineering FacultyNetwork econometrics models for big data in aviation
6Prescriptive analytics in aircraft maintenance: modelling and process optimization
7Explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) in aviation: methods and their applications
8Mihails Savrasovs, ProfessorEngineering FacultyResearch of new overbooking methods based on artificial intelligence
9Passenger flow simulation based on agent-based approach with AI elements
10Boriss Misnevs,, ProfessorEngineering FacultyDevelopment of maintenance process smart models for the purpose of digitization
11Development and research of smart models of digital personal communication at aviation enterprises
12Aleksander Krainyukov,, Assoc. ProfessorEngineering FacultyIntelligent algorithms and intelligent systems for the object control
13Igor Kabashkin,, ProfessorEngineering FacultyDevelopment of a digital ecosystem of the processes of operation and maintenance of aircraft using artificial intelligence applications
14Expert systems for monitoring and diagnosing the technical condition of aircraft
15Irina Yatskiv,, ProfessorEngineering FacultyMachine learning in aviation industry (data driven approach)
16Analysis of the relationship between airport service quality, passenger satisfaction, and behavioral model
17Alexander Grakovski,, ProfessorEngineering FacultyMethods and algorithms of sensor systems for intelligent control and monitoring in transport networks
18Alexander Grakovski,, ProfessorEngineering FacultyMethods and algorithms for image processing of moving objects in the problem of automatic control, identification and tracking of the objects for passenger transport nodes

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