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Our Summer School is open for bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. students, young professionals, and everyone who wants to gain new knowledge, and hands-on experience through company cases, project work, and research. 

The summer school will take place in Riga, Latvia, led by the TSI, Transport and Telecommunication Institute. Academics with proven accomplishments and leading practitioners from the TSI and industries teach all programmes in English.

As the largest metropolis in the Baltics, Latvia is one of the most technologically advanced nations with the fourth fastest Internet speed in the world. In both urban and rural areas speeds of at least 100 Mbps are within hand’s reach, as well as 5G coverage for all large urban areas is in process to ensure even bigger progress.

The historical centre of the Latvian capital and city Kuldiga were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Around 50% of Latvia’s territory is covered by forests, making it one of the greenest countries of the EU. With 18 hours of sunlight at the peak of the season, summer time is prime at the country situated at seashore.

Get international experience, make new contacts, and expand your network with like-minded students and professionals from around the world. As well as, receive your Certificate of Completion, which you can later attach to your resume.

The 4-week courses offered this year:

  • Cyber-Physical Systems, IoT Networks and Networks Security, July 1 – July 26

Get hands-on experience in the realm of IoT and unleash your potential to drive innovation in the age of Artificial Intelligence! Upon completion of this course, you will be able to architect a secure system.

Course structure:

  1. Introduction to the Cyber-Physical Systems 40h/2 ECTS
  • Development tools on micro-controller systems
  • Programming on micro-controllers – programming in the right language and understanding how to program parallel systems (management of interrupts, clocks, power)
  • Programming 120; SPI; UART interfaces
  1. Introduction TO loT Networks 25h/1.5 ECTS
  • Low level protocols
  • Short range network: Biuetooth, Zigbee
  • Mid-range networks: Wi-Fi; Ethernet
  • Long range networks: IORAWan; SigFox; NB-IOT
  • High level protocols
  • Cyber-physical systems permanently connected to the Internet
  1. Networks Security 15h/0.5 ECTS
  • Securing short, mid &long range wireless protocols
  • Securing exchanges between the cloud and the embedded system (TLS, MTLS, certificate management, secret management)
  • English for IT, July 1 – July 26

This intensive 4-week course aims to equip IT students and professionals with industry specific English skills to communicate confidently in international work contexts, enhancing technical vocabulary and language skills.

Course structure:

  1. Technology and Communication
  • Communicating about Information Technology Covers
  • IT Technology, components, proceses, instructions, explanations, and termical writing formats
  1. Software and Hardware
  • Working with Computer Systems, Focuses on hardware/software vocabulary, issues, troubleshooting processes, recommendations, and documentation
  1. Programming and Algorithms
  • Understanding Coding and Algorithms Introduces programming concepts, syntax, explaining logic flows, writing precise instructions and comments in code
  1. Jobs and Career
  • Succeeding in IT Workplaces, Builds English skills for IT jobs, experiences, interviews, workplace culture and communication formats on the job

The 2-week course:

  • Business start-up idea generation and development, July 1 – July 12

Obtain knowledge and practical experience in developing business ideas applying design thinking principles, gamification elements and AI tools. After the summer school you may choose to continue working on pre-developed business plans for further business idea incubation.

On Fridays, cultural experiences are planned to showcase Latvia’s history.

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Join us in Riga, Latvia in July and become a part of an exciting experience in one of the most innovative universities in Europe!

TSI Summer School is a unique opportunity to combine gaining new practical knowledge with spending the summer in one of the most attractive destinations in the Baltics!

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