Student Council

Do you want to change the world? This is a place for you!

Becoming a participant of Student Council is the great opportunity to gain experience, make friendships, have a memorable time in the Institute.

With the help of the Student Council, each student may evolve creative abilities and organizational skills into action to their own advantage and to the benefit of the Institute.

Student Council solve matters related to the students’ rights and duties, organize events, collaborate with other higher education institutions and public organizations and much more.

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Active Student Council

  • Students’ Self-Government President – Michael Pliner
  • Students’ Self-Government Vice-President – Saveliy Martynov
  • Secretary – Alexandra Volkova
  • Head of Sports Department – Elena Troshkova
  • Vice-Head of Sports Department – Valeria Isaeva
  • Head of Finances Department – Samanta Kuznetsova
  • Vice-Head of Finances Department – Juliana Cherpinska
  • Head of Research Department – Arkadiy Ponomarenko
  • Vice-Head of Research Department – Maria Vashar
  • Head of Communication Department – Daniel Urban
  • Vice-Head of Communication Department – Vitalia Shvetsa
  • Head of International Department – Nikita Cheick Abraham Diallo
  • Vice-Head of International Department – Victoria Pyzhova
  • Head of Academic Department – Artjom Chub
  • Vice-Head of Academic Department – Vitalia Shvetsa
  • Head of Culture Department – Alexey Goloshchapov
  • Vice-Head of Culture Department – Artjom Chub
  • Head of Media Department – Maria Vashar
  • Vice-Head of Media Department – Kristina Fabrika
  • Manu Viktor Vilks
  • Vasily Vilks
  • Dmitry Shustov

If you have any questions, proposals and feedback, please contact or send an email to the Students’ Council!

For communication
Phone.: +371 26174451 Michael Pliner
Place: TSI, 1 Lomonosova Street, Riga, 1st floor, Room 126.

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