Темы диссертаций

 Научный руководительФакультетТема
1Nadezda Spiridovska, Dr.sc.ing. Assoc. ProfessorEngineering FacultyBig data-driven decision-making during crisis communication phases
2Big data-driven based approach to flight delay prediction
3Dmitry Pavlyuk, Dr.sc.ing. ProfessorEngineering FacultyNetwork econometrics models for big data in aviation
4Prescriptive analytics in aircraft maintenance: modelling and process optimization
5Explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) in aviation: methods and their applications
6Generative AI for Transportation
7Mihails Savrasovs, Dr.sc.ing. ProfessorEngineering FacultyResearch of new overbooking methods based on artificial intelligence
8Passenger flow simulation based on agent-based approach with AI elements
9Boriss Misnevs, Dr.sc.ing., ProfessorEngineering FacultyIntegration of Artificial Intelligence Prompt Engineering Methodologies for Accelerating Innovation in Aviation Technology
10Aleksander Krainyukov, Dr.sc.ing, Assoc. ProfessorEngineering FacultySolving the inverse problem of subsurface probing using artificial intelligence.
11Research into methods and algorithms for collective behavior of mobile robots
12Igor Kabashkin, Dr.habil.sc.ing., ProfessorEngineering FacultyDevelopment of a digital ecosystem of the processes of operation and maintenance of aircraft using artificial intelligence applications
13Expert systems for monitoring and diagnosing the technical condition of aircraft
14Irina Yatskiv, Dr.sc.ing., ProfessorEngineering FacultyMachine learning in aviation industry (data driven approach)
15Alexander Grakovski, Dr.sc.ing., ProfessorEngineering FacultyMethods and algorithms of sensor systems for intelligent control and monitoring in transport networks
16Methods and algorithms for image processing of moving objects in the problem of automatic control, identification and tracking of the objects for passenger transport nodes
17 Samuel Moveh, Dr. sc. ing., assoc. professor

Engineering FacultyDevelopment of an AI-based lane-keeping algorithm using computer vision for autonomous Vehicular Control
18Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Augmented with Artificial Intelligence: Towards Safer and More Efficient Driving
19Iyad Alomar, 
Dr. sc. ing., Assoc. Professor
Engineering FacultySafety management system in aviation
20Ground handling management and organization (optimization).
21Optimization of aircraft maintenance (by implementing AI or implementing of digital twins). / Predictive maintenance
22Transport and Management FacultyManagement of aircraft maintenance 
23Iyad Alomar, 
Dr. sc. ing., Assoc. Professor;
Inna Stecenko Professor
Dr. oec.
Transport and Management FacultyPromotion of the digitalization process in the aviation industry 
24Irina Kuzmina-Merlino Professor
Dr. oec.
Transport and Management FacultyDevelopment of green finance in different countries  
25Jelena Popova Assoc. professor
Dr. oec.
Transport and Management FacultyInvolvement of the business environment in sustainable development (country or industry) 
26Berdymyrat Ovezmyradov Assistant professor
Ph. D.
Transport and Management FacultyEconomical assessment of carbon neutral solution in transport system of European Union
27Iyad Alomar, 
Dr. sc. ing., Assoc. Professor
Transport and Management Faculty   Development of digital business based on the implementation of digital twins in the logistic and transportation
28B. Ovezmyradov, Assistant professor
, Ph. D
Transport and Management FacultyAI for Development of Inventory Policies with Stochastic Demand
29B. Ovezmyradov, Assistant professor
, Ph. D
Transport and Management FacultyApplications of Machine Learning for Automated Decision Making in Business
30I. Sproģe, Assoc. professor
Dr. sc. administr.
Transport and Management FacultyEconomic Efficiency vs. Environmental Impact 
31I. Sproģe, Assoc. professor
Dr. sc. administr.
Transport and Management FacultyGreen Technologies and Innovation vs Economic Efficiency 

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