TSI Alumni

Our alumni live and work across the globe form a truly international community. We are proud of their achievements, which are a testament to their drive and passion, and the education they received at our Institute, became the fundamental of their successful career.

Our alumni deliver case studies to students, and offer guest lectures, as well as enterprise visits and joint projects. Through active interaction with alumni, students obtain new knowledge in the real-world problem-solving experiences and learn to deliver measurable improvements in organisation.

Career paths of our alumnus inspires your fellow alumni and current and future students. You – alumnus of the TSI, can share your experience and memories via our online form HERE, so we can continue to develop the TSI Virtual Alumni Book!

We would like to express our gratitude to you for being with us, and remember that the doors of the Institute will always be open for you, and we always will warmly welcome you to your Alma Mater, and we will be happy to hear about all your achievements and simply good news!

Stories from our alumni

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