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The Bachelor of Social Sciences in Management programme builds a platform for career advancement or starting a business. A magnificent feature of the programme is the combination of classical higher education and innovative approaches to the training of specialists. At the last year of study, each student will have the opportunity to choose one of the proposed specializations.
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Oksana Skorobogatova

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When meeting people, I am often asked what my job is. I always answer: a programmer. Usually this is where it ends. In rare cases, people are interested in what projects I am involved in and what exactly I am developing. And here the fun begins! After saying: I program robots, people start asking a lot of questions, most of which are: where did you learn this? How did you get into this field? Do you like it? None of this would have happened if I hadn't enrolled at the TSI. In my time, there was no study programme"Robotics" and we did not go through process automation. But thanks to the university, I was able to get an internship and immerse in a little into the world of mechanical engineering. I was stunned at the sight of a well-established mechanism for manufacturing and assembling machine parts. I wanted to do this. And never regretted it! Probably thanks to the love of computer games, I had a strong desire to control the robots. It's insanely interesting to create programs, move robots, and then watch how the robot works at full power and executes your commands! If I now chose what I would do in the future, I would not hesitate to go into the field of process automation. Nowadays, people are trying to replace human labor with machines/robots, which is sad. But as long as this happens, I will always have a job. And this process is only gaining momentum!
Aleksandra Cerkalina, 
Robot Programmer at the InPro Engineering

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