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Student Support

We give a warm welcome to all our students who are coming to study here at TSI. We realise that alongside your academic life, you are managing your day-to-day life, which includes living in a new city or country, new job, money issues, relationships with friends and family etc. From time to time when juggling such demands, specialist advice and support is invaluable for all of us.

TSI has set up a range of central Student Life and Wellbeing services, if you can’t find answer to your question below, don’t hesitate to contact Study Department:

To prolong resident permit (RP), you should

  1. Make a payment for the next study year
  2. Make a payment for the invitation, it is necessary to add name and surname of the person who will receive RP (14.00 EUR).
    Purpose of payment: VN PMLP dok. MK 557 (27.12.2017.) + Name, Surname
    Recipient: Valsts kase, Registration No.90000050138
    The recipient institution: Valsts kase, code TRELLV22
    Account number: LV37TREL1060140918500
  3. Submit to Study Department (room 100) Study Contract, Passport, Accommodation Contract, previous document from Migration Office

We will prepare all documents for Migration Office.
Document package for Migration Office:

  1. Study Contract and Accommodation Contract
  2. Passport
  3. Insurance policy
  4. Bank account statement
  5. Invitation letter

Additional information about resident permit (RP) in Latvia: https://www.pmlp.gov.lv/en/home/services/residence-permits/

Contact information of The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs: https://www.pmlp.gov.lv/en/home/contacts/

You can visit any bank or call them by phone.

Bank Citadele +37167010000. The nearest branch: 46 Krasta Street, Riga (shopping mall Mols)

Bank Luminor +371 67 17 1880. The nearest branch: 12 Skanstes Street, Riga

Bank SEB +371 26668777. The nearest branch: 67 Dzirnavu Street, Riga

To open a bank account, you need to provide a reference letter that approves your status as a student. Fill application for reference letter and receive it in the Study department (room 100).

For medical help you can contact multifunctional medical center SIA “Veselības centrs 4”. Address: 117 Krisjana Barona Street, Riga. Phone: +37167847104

In case of medical emergency cases call direct emergency number 113 or the European emergency phone number 112. Please check the additional information: http://www.nmpd.gov.lv/en/

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