TSI Grants for PhD Students

TSI announce a call for grants to PhD students

Transport and Telecomunnication Institute (TSI) is launching a grant competition for PhD students to support their research endeavors. The grants will fully cover the tuition fee for the TSI PhD study programme Telematics and Logistics, as well as the academic/research position may be offered.

Priority research areas for receiving the grants:

  • Artificial Intelligence for Traffic Flow Predictions or AI for Real Time Traffic Management
  • Computer Vision (for Road Traffic Analysis; etc.)
  • Digitalization Processes and Digital Twins

Both TSI and the universitie’s strategic partner, the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol), support Ukrainian citizens and offer 4 special grants for potential PhD students with Ukrainian citizenship!

  • TSI announces 2 places in PhD studies for citizens of Ukraine
  • UWE Bristol supports 2 additional PhD places for citizens of Ukraine

Application Procedure

The application must include a CV in Europass format, copies of educational documents, a motivation letter. Other documents, such as a publications, recommendations from the supervisor of the master’s thesis or certificates and licenses can significantly increase the chances of receiving a grant. The application you can submit in Latvian or English.

Please read carefully the Regulations of the Competition

Complete and submit the application for the TSI PhD Grant Competition!

Master's degree:
Second Master's degree:
Peer-reviewed publications (journals and conferences)
Please indicate the title of the publication in the original language, year of publication, authors, link to the publication
Participation at student conference or publishing abstracts
Please indicate the name of the conference, venue, year, topic of the presentation, published theses
Student competitions
Please indicate the name and theme of the competition, the venue and time, the result achieved
Please indicate the title and topic of the project work, the place and time, the result achieved
Maximum single file size - 5 mb, allowed file extensions - jpg, pdf, png, doc, docx

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