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Dear student, welcome onboard in TSI!

Hope this section will provide you with useful information about your responsibilities and opportunities as an international student in Latvia.

You might have some important questions about how to enter Latvia and smoothly settle your life here, and we will be glad to answer them.

This guide offers useful information about Latvia, guidelines on admission process and the most useful contacts.

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Freshmen will start the academic year on September 11, 2023.

If you are not able to come for on-campus studies in Latvia on time, you can start your studies remotely. The Study Department (Student Affairs) will provide you with the educational materials and study credentials for online lectures.

See you soon in Riga!

Before you leave for Latvia, please check that you collected all the documents you will need to cross the border and apply for the Residence Permit here.

  • Passports (both national and international if applicable)
  • Originals of Educational documents with legalization/apostle
  • Study agreement signed (for passport control)
  • Bank statement (original, with at least 6000* EUR confirmed in equivalent currency, valid for three months from the date of issue; is to be valid until the Residence Permit is received)

Bank statement should contain:

  • student’s name and surname;
  • students passport information;
  • name and surname of the person, who issued this statement;
  • bank’s stamp and signature of the person, who issued this statement.

* This amount depends on the minimum monthly work remuneration in the Republic of Latvia, at this moment it is 500 EUR.  It can be changed, please, check here:  https://www.pmlp.gov.lv/en/residence-permits-0

  • Police certificate (original, in English, Latvian or Russian language (or translation on one of these languages) with Apostle, valid 6 months from the date of issue)

In you are underaged – additional documents to take along:

  • Birth certificate with legalization/apostle
  • Power of attorney with legalization/apostle

Here we will provide you with useful links, updated by the responsible governmental structures of the Republic of Latvia. All the information in these links is available in Latvian, English and Russian languages.

Before you buy your ticket, you can check Information regarding current situation with COVID-19 in Latvia on official web-site: https://covid19.gov.lv/en

There is a list of the countries with recommendations for arrivals, updated each Friday: https://www.spkc.gov.lv/lv/valstu-saslimstibas-raditaji-ar-covid-19-0.

If you arrive from the country with the obligatory self-isolation period, you should stay on self-isolation. More information about self-isolation recommendations you can find by the link: https://covid19.gov.lv/en/covid-19/safety-measures/self-isolation

The latest requirements and news on measures to limit the spread of coronavirus on university campus are published here.

Vaccination against Covid-19 is our common opportunity to overcome the pandemic, to protect ourselves and our relatives! Vaccination in Latvia is free of charge, it is available for residents from the age of 5.

Currently, the first four Covid-19 vaccines have been registered in the European Union:


How can I apply for a vaccine?
  • On the website manavakcina.lv. To apply for a specific vaccination time at a medical institution:
  • open the website manavakcina.lv (and fill in the application for the vaccine, if it has not been filled in yet)
  • select a calendar from those medical institutions that provide certain appointment times, noting the desired time interval
  • wait for system confirmation (text message/email)
  • attend the vaccination at the selected place and at the approved time
  • By phone 8989 (phone working hours: weekdays 8.00 – 20.00; on weekends 9.00 – 18.00).

By contacting medical institutions that provide vaccination against Covid-19. A list of addresses and contact information of medical institutions and GP practices that vaccinate against Covid-19.

Before you arrive in Latvia you should check the list of the countries with self isolation period after arrival. If your country is in the list for self-isolation, please, abide by this period strictly to protect yourself and the others from the spread of Covid-19.

When your self-isolation period is finished you will be ready to visit us and register for studies:

You will sign the original Study agreement and will be able to start the RP card application process.

What is a residence permit?

A residence permit is a document providing a foreigner the rights to reside in the Republic of Latvia for a definite period of time (a temporary residence permit) or permanently (a permanent residence permit).

A residence permit is necessary if you are willing to stay in the Republic of Latvia for a period of time exceeding 90 days within half a year counting from the first day of entrance.

The residence permit is issued in the format of the identification card, therefore biometrics details must be delivered prior to receipt of the residence permit (fingerprints (starting from the age of six) and digital picture of face).

Due to studies at an accredited educational institution the residence permit is issued for the period of the studies.

When can I apply for a Residence Permit?

After you arrive and spend your self-isolation period (if required) it’s time to come and visit TSI and register for studies.

As soon as you sign the study agreement you can apply for your residence permit.

You should receive your residence permit card before your visa expires!

What documents do I need to apply for the Residence Permit?

  • Passport – COPY of all the pages
  • Study agreement (provided by Study department (Student Affairs) – COPY
  • Rental agreement (provided by accommodation place) – COPY
  • Bank statement – ORIGINAL

with at least 6000* EUR confirmed in equivalent currency, valid for three months from the date of issue; is to be valid until the Residence Permit is received). Bank statements should contain: student’s name and surname/student’s passport data/ name and surname of the person, who issued this statement/ bank’s stamp and signature.

* This amount depends on the minimum monthly work remuneration in the Republic of Latvia, at this moment it is 500 EUR per month.  It can be changed, please, check here:  https://www.pmlp.gov.lv/en/residence-permits-0

  • Police certificate – ORIGINAL (in English, Latvian or Russian language (or translation on one of these languages) with Apostle, valid 6 months from the date of issue)
  • Fulfilled application form (will be provided by Study department) + picture 3*4 on white background
  • Application fee payment confirmation
  • Educational documents – COPY
  • Marriage certificate with Apostle (if applicable)

What documents do I need to receive the Residence Permit card?

  • Health insurance policy, issued on the period, that covers Residence Permit card validity (will be provided by Study department)
  • X-rays, a health certificate issued by a Latvian health care institution stating that the foreign national does not suffer from tuberculosis in active phase (more information will be provided by Study department)
  • documents certifying the expected place of residence (should not be submitted if lodged along with a summons or residence permit request and if the foreign national has a declared place of residence in the Republic of Latvia).

Here you can find more information about the documents to be provided: https://www.pmlp.gov.lv/en/studies

What are the terms and costs?

Review of documents submitted for requesting of a temporary residence permit for a student of the accredited education institution


            within 30 days


            within 10 working days


        within 5 working days


 For MSc degree students review of documents submitted for requesting a temporary residence permit within 30 days is FREE.

Possibilities of payment for the services of the OCMA:

  • by payment cards (VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro, Master, American Express) in any territorial division

For payment card payments the commission is paid by the Treasury from the state budget funds.

  • by wire transfer using the services of credit institutions.

When making a wire transfer, the name and surname of the person for which the state fee is paid should be specified in the payment order.

Purpose of payment: VN PMLP dok. MK 577 (12.09.2017)
Beneficiary: The Treasury, registration No. 90000050138
Beneficiary institution: The Treasury, code TRELLV22
Account No.: LV37TREL1060140918500

If you are paying for the service by wire transfer in a credit institution or internet bank, please consider that the processing of the payment may take several days.

Issuance of Residence Permit card


            within 10 working days


            within 2 working days


This fee you can pay in OCMA by payment cards issued on your name (VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro, Master, American Express) in any territorial division. Payment by cash is not accepted.

How can I declare my place of residence?

After you received your residence permit card you have to declare you place of residence in the republic of Latvia:

  1. in the local institution, where the new place of residence of the person is located
  2. electronically on the portal www.latvija.lv, by using the e-service “Submission of the declaration of the place of residence”, the service is available, when authorizing through online banking authentication means (Swedbank, SEB banka, Citadele banka, Norvik banka, Meridian Trade Bank, Luminor, PrivatBank , Rietumu banka), personal identity card (eID) or safe electronic signature smart card (the relevant card and smart card reading device shall be required)
  3. In the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs

When declaring the place of residence with the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs or the relevant local declaration institution, a person shall pay the State fee in the amount of 4.27 euro. If a person declared the place of residence electronically on the portal www.latvija.lv, the State fee for declaration of the place of residence shall not be paid.


The Residence Permit card provides you the work permit, the amount of working hours per week is shown on the residence permit plastic card.

Bachelor’s degree students can work 20 hours per week.

Master’s degree students are allowed to work 40 hours per week.

The available vacancies you can find here:

What should I do in an emergency situation?

The emergency number 113  or the European emergency phone number 112 should be called in situations where a person’s life is in danger and minutes are crucial to receiving help – a very serious injury or sudden illness and immediate medical attention are required.

Situations in which NMPD physicians should be called:

  • unconscious
  • stopping breathing or having sudden breathing problems
  • have severe life-threatening injuries or bleeding
  • signs of a heart attack (sudden pain in the sternum)
  • signs of a stroke (sudden weakness on one side)
  • other life-threatening situations

What to do while the medical crew is on their way?

Take a look at the  first aid tips  section.

What to do when life is not in danger, but medical help is needed?

If life and health are not endangered, medical advice and counseling shall be provided by:

  • a family doctor or a medical practitioner replacing him or her in the practice of a family doctor
  • Family doctor consultation phone – 66016001. On weekday evenings and at night (17: 00-8: 00) and on weekends (24 hours a day), you can always call the GP consultation number 66016001. There, qualified doctors will listen to the patient’s complaints and advice on what to do and where to get help.
  • on-call doctors – provide assistance within the competence of a family doctor.
  • paramedic points – provide assistance within the competence of a family doctor.
  • emergency medical care points – provide assistance that exceeds the competence of a family doctor.
  • hospital admission departments.
  • multifunctional medical center SIA “Veselības centrs 4”. Address: 117 Krisjana Barona Street, Riga. Phone: +37167847104

More information on how to get help can be found on the  National Health Service  website.

For information on how to give first aid in case of various injuries and illnesses, see the section ” How to help the victim? “.

Information on home care and treatment services for Covid-19 patients at home for this infection can be found on the National Health Service website: https://www.vmnvd.gov.lv/lv/arstniecibas-pakalpojumu-sanemsanas-kartiba

The residence permit card allows its holder to circulate in the Schengen area.

You will need only your passport and residence permit card!

The Schengen area covers 26 countries (“Schengen States”) without border controls between them. These countries are: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

You can travel BY AIR, Latvia has several airports:

Riga International Airport


Riga Airport is one of the fastest growing airports in Europe according to the Airport Council International (ACI) report on airport performance in Europe in 2019. Airport offers both aviation (aircraft, passenger and cargo handling) and non-aviation services (lease of premises and territory, car parks, VIP Centre services, etc.), handling over 50% of entire Baltic passengers and air cargo traffic. Riga International Airport has the regular flight all over the Europe and there are several Air Companies with the discount fares for flights:

Air Baltic


Latvian airline Air Baltic Corporation AS (airBaltic) was founded in 1995. The airline offers low fare tickets in its network spanning Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, CIS and the Middle East. The prices are competitive not only with other airlines, but also with the prices of bus, car, train or ferry travel. Tickets are available not only for direct but also for transfer flights.

Lowcoster Ryanair


Ryanair Holdings plc, Europe’s largest airline group, is the parent company of Buzz, Lauda, Malta Air & Ryanair DAC. Ryanair has a team of over 19,000 highly skilled aviation professionals delivering Europe’s No.1 on-time performance, and an industry leading 34-year safety record.

The airline offers low fare tickets for flights between European countries.

Lowcoster Wizzair


Established in May-2004, Wizz Air is a low-cost carrier headquartered at Budapest Airport. Wizz Air predominantly uses secondary airports and is continuously looking at opportunities to expand its network of destinations and provide low-cost air transport to and from Central and Eastern Europe.

The full list of the Air Companies can be found here: https://www.riga-airport.com/flights/airlines/en

You can also travel BY BALTIC SEA, Latvia has an International port:


The port of Riga is a thriving passenger port. Cargo and passenger ferry traffic is provided every day and more than 80 cruise ships, representing about 30 different cruise operators, visit the port of Riga every year during the cruise season.

The passenger cruises are operated by AS Tallink Grupp, which is the leading provider of high-quality mini-cruise and passenger transport services in the northern Baltic Sea region. https://en.tallink.com/en/routes-and-timetables

One of the cheapest ways to visit some countries is the BUS.

Latvia has a chain of international buses, presented by two companies. The buses depart from the International Bus Terminal: https://www.autoosta.lv/?lang=en



Ecolines is the largest and most experienced coach operator in the Baltic States, which offers comfortable travel to 20 countries and about 200 cities on a daily basis.

LUX express


Lux Express operates the largest international coach network in the Baltic region with more than 20 destinations in 7 countries. They connect all regional capitals together, from Tallinn to Warsaw and from St. Petersburg to Helsinki.

The simplest way to catch an adventure and explore more is to travel is to RENT A CAR. Here you can find the links on the rental car services:


Upon the car pick-up the person is required to present a valid driver’s license of appropriate category and a passport. A person renting the car must be at least 21 years old. The driving experience should be not less than 1 year.

The security deposit must be paid by credit card: VISA / MasterCard etc. The rental car may be driven by other drivers, if previously agreed by the lessor and indicated in the rental agreement.

Bachelors starting from 2nd year and masters starting from 2nd semester have an opportunity to spend a semester and study his/her study program in one of the foreign universities, who have a cooperation contract with TSI.

More information: https://tsi.lv/study/erasmus/

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Е-mail: admission@tsi.lv
Тelephone: +371 29 990 841
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