At the moment the TSI library owns almost three thousand electronic resources – monographs, textbooks, and other materials – and the collection continues to grow. For the most part, these resources benefit STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) study programmes, as the purchase was made last year as a part of the European project of the same name. It is expected that the main users of the materials will be teaching staff and students of Computer Science, Robotics, Telecommunication and Electronics, as well as Aviation and Transport.

Each collection consists of hundreds of books and scientific publications, which will be especially useful for students of the magistracy and doctorate.

Access to the library can be gained from anywhere in the world and our distance learning students use this opportunity to the fullest. And the new library portal and Academic Complete database provide functional interface that allows not only to read a book on any chosen device but also organize one’s library, create bookmarks and links, print, do a fast search and many, many other features that help in one’s work with a book

says the Head of Library Ilona Kauce

Library services

  • Textbook loaning for use at home;
  • Loaning of books from the scientific collection for use at the library;
  • Library and e-library services;
  • 19 Computers for Users;
  • Material printing, scanning and photocopying self-services (paid services);
  • Interlibrary loan (SBA) services. For information, write to;
  • Consultations for use of electronic resources. To apply for a consultation, write to;
  • Consultations for searching for thematic information in electronic resources. To apply for a consultation, write to;
  • Assigning ISBN/ISNN numbers;
  • Purchase of TSI published books.

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