What courses TSI offer?
Details about all our courses and every level of study you can find in our website when follow the link.

Does TSI offer any kind of distance learning?
Details about a distance learning you can find in our website when follow the link.

Is it legal for a foreign student to work part-time during his/her studies in Latvia?
EU citizens may work in Latvia without work permit, but it is the responsibility of the student to make sure that work does not affect studies. Non-EU students with a Terminated Residence Permit (TRP) for studies are allowed to work 20 hours per week if it does not affect their studies.

Can I stay in Latvia after my studies?
Non-EU students whose TRP for study has expired on regular basis have legal right to stay in Latvia for the period of 180 days following the expiry date of the period of validity of the TRP.

When is the application deadline?
You can find application deadlines for nearest Intakes here
PhD program: anytime
Distance Learning programmes: anytime

Can I still apply if I missed the application deadline?
No, we do not accept late applications. If you did not submit your online application by the deadline then your application will not be considered. In this case, we encourage you to apply again timely for the next intake.

How do I apply?
To apply you have to submit an application on TSI Admission website

What are the admission requirements?

  • International Certificate of English knowledge at level B2 or previous education has been received in English;
  • Examination online – English, Maths or Physics exams;
  • Online interview to check the level of English and motivation.

All examinations will be organized by the TSI, all examinations will be provided online.

What English language qualifications do I need?
For applicants who don’t use English as their native language IELTS or other International Certificate of English proof at level B2 is necessary.

Are there any entry exams?
Yes, to apply for Undergraduate programs you need to submit entry exams, to take an exam/s depends of your chosen program. See more in details when follow the link.

What if I fail an exam?
You can take an exam only once. Entry exam’s result will indicate if you are prepared to successfully study at specific programme. If your result is low, we will suggest other more suitable study programme for you.

When will I receive my proof of enrolment?
The Enrollment procedure is finished, when student in person visits TSI to present Terminated Residence Permit (TRP).

What is an application fee?
You can find information about application fees here

An application will only be processed after the fee has been received by the university.

How do I pay my tuition fees?
You will receive a registration fee invoice with the bank details where to deposit a fee. You can make payment as a bank transfer or pay via or website. 

If you have technical issues and you need to use other payment method, please write to students@tsi.lv

If I pay my tuition fees and decide not to start the study programme, will I get a refund of my tuition fees?
Yes, you can terminate your study contract, 2 weeks (foreign students) and 3 days (local students) before the beginning of study semester and get a refund.

If I pay my tuition fee and get a visa rejected?
You receive a refund in case of visa rejection or negative OCMA decision.

Do I need a visa to come to study in Latvia and how do I get it?
You need a visa to enter Latvia depends on your nationality. For further information about required visa to enter Latvia, please refer to the website below provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia: https://www.mfa.gov.lv/en/consular-information

How to find an apartment or dormitory? Student must book an accomodation by himself. Information on rental apartments and dormitories is available in here.

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