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TSI Student and Alumni Day 2020

On January 25 of 2020 Student and Alumni Day celebrations was held at Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI). It was a first event of this kind. Current students, alumni and lecturers gathered all together and it was a chance to meet everyone, make new acquaintances, share accomplishments and good news, and have a great time.

This year the largest part of alumni represented Computer Science and Management study programs. There were over a hundred alumni and students all together – representatives of very different fields and professions, among them  Representatives of Ministries, entrepreneurs and CEOs of different companies, programmers, engineers, logistics professionals, project managers, lecturers and many others.

Acting Rector of TSI Juris Kanels and Chairman of the Board and Vice-Rector for Research and Development, Professor Irina Yatskiv opened the event by warm greetings. During their speeches they shared the Institute’s accomplishments and development in the last 20 years, as well as ambitious plans of future.

The Board of the Institute offered graduates various forms of cooperation and announced a Star recruitment of teachers and partners from among the graduates and friends of the institute who would share TSI’s educational values and would be ready to share their knowledge and experience with the new generation!

Afterwards members of TSI Robotics Club delighted everyone with a real Lego Sumo fight with self-constructed robots where our friendly robot NAO was a judge of the fight.

A few of the TSI alumni took the stage with greetings and their success stories of international career, including Postdoctoral student Tatyana Endryukaite, Masters Artur PerepyolkinAlyona SurovtsevaVladimir Elster and others. Alumni were greeted by students from TSI Students’ Self-Government. Afterwards, Iyad Alomar and Evelina Budilovich, defended PhDs in 2019, were also congratulated. Throughout the evening there was opportunity to vote for the most beloved lecturer of TSI and it was Professor Boris Mishnev and he gave a brilliant mini-lecture, as always! Later alumni had a chance to take a walk around the Institute, visit renewed lecture rooms and labs. Students, continued celebrations at Game Station cafe.

TSI expresses our gratitude to everyone who came!

This TSI Student and Alumni Day is a beginning of a new tradition: every January gather Institute’s current and former students together. We hope there will be even more of us at the celebration next year!

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