TSI starts cooperation with professor from Estonia Harald Kitzmann

Since April 2020 Transport and Telecommunication Institute starts long-term cooperation with foreign professor Harald Kitzmann from Estonia. From 24 April till 23 May 2020 prof. Kitzmann will deliver online lectures in the study course “Transport Economics” students of Master programme “Transport and Logistics”. The course aims to provide knowledge of how to evaluate economically the establishing of transport systems, and how to manage transport systems in an effective and efficient way.

Harald Kitzmann is a professor of TTK University of Applied Science, Institute of Circular Economy and Technology in Tallinn, Estonia. He got PhD degree in Moscow State Technical University, Bauman University. Along with academic activities, he is a researcher with focus on the development of holistic and sustainable systems for production and regional areas; especially the ecological, technological, social and economic feasibility with considering interests of all stakeholders and targets in circular economic and management of flexibility.

Prof.Kitzmann has a long experience in business sector as consultant and CEO. He is a value driven line and project manager with 30+ years’ experience in strategic and operational transitions, controlling and production management of small and midsize inter-cultural manufacturing companies across a wide range of industries.  Internationally recognized specialist for collaborative leadership style with proactive approach, able to work out and implement effective organisation-specific and (non-) traditional solutions in complex systems to solve challenges in volatile external and internal environments; capable of blending big-picture, strategic views with operational daily need considerations to ensure business viability. Member of the Board of Estonian Operational Research Society (EstORS), founder and Member of the Board of Estonian Renewable Energy Association.

Prof.H.Kitzmann is invited to cooperate with Transport and Telecommunication Institute in the frame of the European Union Social Fund project “Strengthening Transport and Telecommunication Institute Academic Staff in the Areas of Strategic Specialisation” (No

More information about TSI guest professors you can find here.

The total cost of the project is 676,083.35 euros, of which the European Social Fund supports 574,670.85 euros (85%), and the state budget amounts to 101,412.50 euros (15%).

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