Dear student of Transport and Telecommunication Institute!

With this letter to all students the Transport and Telecommunication Institute thanks you for the understanding, loyalty and patience in these difficult times for everyone, full of ambiguities and rapid changes. This year the entire TSI staff had to adapt very quickly to the new circumstances due to COVID-19 pandemic, had to be more flexible in new situation of study process organization and to learn something unusual as well. However, with a time passed, we are safe to say that everything we planned has turned out, and that every crisis may be a springboard for the rapid introduction of innovations and the development of new skills.

We want to inform you, that Institute is already planning the beginning of the next academic year and in 2020/2021 academic year classes (lectures, practice lessons and labs) for full-time / part-time students are planned to be held in person in the Institution’s classrooms. We hope that the epidemiological situation in the world will be favorable, but if a new wave of coronavirus starts, then, of course, there will be changes in the organization of the study process.

The beginning of the academic year for students of:

  • The 1st year of studies full-time department – on September 14, 2020;
  • Senior courses full-time department – on September 7, 2020;
  • The 1st and senior courses part-time department – on September 5, 2020.

If a student, for reasons beyond his / her control, will not be able to arrive to Latvia on time and to start studies within the mentioned terms, we will look for an opportunity to temporarily organize remote training. But about these circumstances a student should inform the Study department of TSI in timely manner and in written form and to obtain the university’s official consent for individual remote studies.

We ask you to resolve timely the necessary personal organizational issues (issues of tuition fees and assigning discounts, registration for the semester, issues of prolongation of a residence permit, issues of prolongation of the examination session, ect.) so that at the beginning of the academic year EVERYONE can fully concentrate on the study process. We hope that no new epidemiological restrictions will negatively affect the successful start and execution of the study year. For your convenience, the Study Department of the Institute works during all the summer as usual.

Wish you success in studies and looking forward to seeing you in the next academic year!

Your’s Transport and Telecommunication Institute

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