Additional Epidemiological Security Measures at the TSI in Relation to the COVID-19

In order to reduce the risks to the health of students, staff and visitors of the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) and to the continuity of the TSI studies and research, and given the fact that the global, European and national situation in relation to the spread of the COVID – 19 virus is rapidly changing, the following decisions have been made:

  1. Consistently with the declaration of the state of emergency by Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia for the period from 12 March to 14 April 2020, which requires several stringent measures to control the spread of the virus, the on-site studies at TSI were terminated on 13 March 2020; instead, studies will proceed via distance learning.
  2. Information for the Study Department:
    1. to develop a timetable for the upcoming study days and instructions for academic staff and students as to how organize classes at TSI via distance learning and to inform the students about these changes by 13 March 2020;
    2. to develop a schedule of lectures for the entire period of the state of emergency by 18 March 2020, as well as recommendations for changes to the schedule of lectures and exams for the period after the end of the state of emergency
  3. The IT Department must provide necessary technical resources to secure distance learning teaching via the virtual learning platform Moodle, and must conduct instructing of the heads of departments and individual lecturers on teaching in the distance learning environment. 
  4. The Study Department must provide control and record keeping of student participation in distance learning within the constraints of the technical facilities available to the Study Department. The Study Department must inform students that students are personally responsible for their participation in the study process via distance learning, for the need to independently cover their study programme and for any consequences of failure to meet academic and/or other obligations on time or in full.
  5. All TSI students and staff should seriously consider the possibility of canceling all planned foreign trips to the affected countries identified by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control of the Republic of Latvia (CDPC) as well as to other foreign countries. All current information is updated regularly and is available on the CDPC website at
  6. We strongly encourage you to evaluate any trip based on the territory of the intended travel, the means of transport and the purpose of the trip. What must be considered is the rapid increase in the number of this disease cases in any country affected by the infection and the country that has either already introduced quarantine measures or is planning to introduce new quarantine measures, which could significantly limit travel opportunities and return to Latvia.
  7. If a student or staff member nevertheless intends to travel to the affected countries designated by CDPC, he/she is obliged to inform TSI about the trip, including the country and travel dates, specifically where and when you are planning to leave. This information must be delivered by e-mail within 2 working days prior to the departure. The student must inform the Study Department and the Dean of the Faculty where the student is studying, whereas the member of staff must inform the Human Resource Department and the immediate manager.
  8. Students and staff are required to monitor their own health on the continuous basis. In case of any signs of a virus (runny nose, cough, sore throat, high body temperature, breathing difficulties), students and staff must call 113 immediately and inform their doctor about own trip or possible contact with a sick/infected person and own actions (be them actions or omissions) aimed at avoiding health hazard to other persons.
  9. If the student or staff member was in the affected countries identified by CDPC for less than 14 (fourteen) days prior to the issue of this order and has returned to the Republic of Latvia, or if the person has been in the countries identified by CDPC on the date of issue of this order and intends to return to the Republic of Latvia:
    1. not to go to the TSI study, research or work premises and not to contact the TSI students or staff in person; the person must conduct self-isolation (home quarantine);
    2. the student must immediately inform the Study Department about the trip, the respective country and the dates by writing an e-mail to, but the staff member must submit this information to the Human Resource Department to;
    3. in all cases pertaining to the student’s self-isolation mentioned in 9.1, the Study Department in collaboration with the Dean of the respective Faculty and the director of the respective study programme pass a decision on changes in the study process for this student and inform him/her about this decision electronically.  
    4. in all cases involving the self-isolation of the member of staff, mentioned in 9.1, the Human Resource Department must immediately inform the TSI Board  and the immediate manager of this specific member of staff,  ensuring a coordinated decision on the employee’s work or sickness status during quarantine and informing the staff member concerned about the passed decision.
  10. The TSI students and staff must independently follow the decisions of the Government of the Republic of Latvia or CDPC regarding the spread of the COVID-19 infection in the country, which may introduce new regulations in accordance with the indicators of the current epidemiological condition and public safety requirements.
  11. All students and staff must immediately be informed (via electronic resources, not in person) about any future decisions of the Government of the Republic of Latvia or CDPC regarding the spread of the COVID-19 virus, any relevant changes in the TSI decisions and any additional information regarding the organization of study and work processes at the Institute.
  12. All TSI students and staff are strongly encouraged to follow the official updates and recommendations on the CDPC website, TSI website and vai e-mail.
  13. Please be advised that failure to comply with the obligations set forth in paragraphs 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 of this Order may be considered as a significant breach of the internal rules, regulations and conditions of the study agreement which might entail negative consequences, such as expulsion from the TSI for a student, and a disciplinary action for a member of staff.

Order document

16 March 2020  

On the additional epidemiological security measures at the Transport and Telecommunication Institute in relation to the COVID-19 virus

Considering the declared state of emergency and in addition to Order No.01-12.1 / 24 of 13 March 2020, the following decisions have been made at the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI):

  1. From the date of the issue of this Order and until 14 April 2020, various onsite meetings or seminars, including departmental meetings, methodological seminars, academic meetings, Faculty Council and Study Council meetings, etc., are temporarily suspended at TSI. Within the set time period, organization of the above mentioned meetings is allowed only via distance forms of communication, if they are necessary and by informing the intended participants.
  2. Likewise, conducting onsite consultations for students at TSI is temporarily suspended until 14 April 2020. The heads of departments in collaboration with the lecturers of the department shall prepare a schedule for consultations to be held via the distance learning platform and shall inform respective students and the Study Department about it.
  3. From the date of the issue of this Order and until 14 April 2020, the TSI Sports Center and the TSI Library will be temporarily closed. The heads of these structural units, E. Bogdanovs and I. Kauce, in collaboration with the Institute Board, shall prepare proposals on the employment of the employees of the structural units during the specified period.
  4. From 23 March 2020 to 14 April 2020 the cafe at TSI will be temporarily closed. The head of the administrative unit J. Starchenko shall inform the cafe operator about this decision.
  5. The Deans of the faculties shall not commence planning of the defence schedule of theses and graduation theses until 14 April 2020. Faculty students shall be informed that they will be notified separately on the schedule of thesis and graduation thesis pre-defence and defence.
  6. In order to enhance and diversify teaching of students via distance learning platforms, faculty deans and department heads shall encourage relevant faculty and departmental lecturers to produce and record video lectures on their subjects via the virtual learning platform Moodle (in addition to conducting scheduled classes), and broadcast them to students as part of their study programs. The IT dvision shall provide technical assistance necessary for the broadcast of such materials.
  7. In the light of the declared state of emergency, the heads of academic departments and administrative units of TSI shall review the work plans of their departments and structural units for the duration of the emergency so as to maximize the intellectual and organizational resources necessary for handling issues of the Institute and specific departments and structural units.

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Order document

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