Grants from Companies

Great news for anyone who wants to connect their lives with robotics and build a career in high-technology!

As in previous years, Robologic GmbH provides 3 grants for studies in the professional bachelor study program Robotics, in the amount of EUR 36 450. The grant fully covers the tuition fee and guarantees job at company Robologic GmbH after graduation.

If you

  • have excellent grades
  • are interested in exact sciences
  • want to become a demand world-class specialist

Registration is closed

The unique study programme Robotics was developed in close cooperation with the representatives of Latvian and International companies which made it possible to create the programme in line with the knowledge and skills demanded in the industry labor market. The study program is supported by Ltd RoboLogic, which has been offering internships, guest lectures, professional courses for students for several years. Company participates in the implementation of the program and supports young people by offering grants, which cover tuition fee for all study period.

Robologic GmbH was established in 2013 and is the only company in Latvia operating in the field of automation and the automotive industry. Robologic consider themselves as a part of Industry 4.0, actively working in this direction and sees its potential, has extensive practical experience and highly qualified specialists. The company also has its own training center at TSI and provides an opportunity for young people from Latvia to become in-demand world-class specialists.

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