Opportunity to Earn MSc Degree in AI Whilst Working at Deloitte!

We are pleased to announce that Deloitte, the major international player in the field of consulting, not only supports the double degree master’s programme in Computer Science: Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, but also offers to fully cover the tution fee for potential students in this programme, as well as job at Deloitte! In 1.5 years, you get a prestigious degree and two diplomas from the UK and Latvian leading universities combined with experience working at Deloitte on cutting-edge data engineering and data science assignments for leading European companies.

Requirements for Candidates

  • bachelor’s degree in computer science, natural sciences, mathematics, economics or other equivalent education
  • English language level, not lower than B2
  • experience in the field of IT, depending on the chosen position (for foreign candidates, at least 3 years of experience in the field of data: Cloud Data Engineering, Data Engineering un Big Data Engineering)

Talented candidates will have an opportunity

  • get two diplomas in one study period and fully cover the tution feefrom Deloitte
  • a guaranteed job at Deloitte
  • professional level salary
  • In the latter case, since both tuition and work will be in Latvia, Deloitte will assist with relocation and obtaining necessary visas and work permits as appropriate

How to Apply

  • register in the admission.tsi.lv system and fill out the application for the double degree master’s programme “Computer Science: Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence”
  • prepare and upload your resume (CV)

“I often hear that AI revolution would lead to greater inequality between those who are technologically adept and those who are not. It is true that AI-related professions are in great demand and that data scientists and data engineers earn very well. But AI can be taught and learned with a good master’s programme. The program designed by TSI in cooperation with UWE Bristol is what the industry needs. Together with many other international companies Deloitte has chosen our city for its regional center of AI expertise, Riga .ai Studio. Helmut Schmidt once told that people with visions should go to the doctor. I have vision of Riga as the international hub for AI science and learning. But I do not need a doctor. I need people around us who share the same conviction and who work hard towards this goal. TSI’s leaders and professors are from this cohort.”

Igor Rodin foto

Igors Rodins
Partner | Artificial Intelligence
Deloitte Central Europe
Alumni 1988


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