Professional Bachelor Study Programme Robotics

Great news for anyone who wants to connect their lives with robotics and build a career in high-technology! Company Robologic GmbH awards scholarships for studies for the professional bachelor study programme Robotics, developed in close cooperation with the representatives of Latvian and International companies which made it possible to create the programme in line with the knowledge and skills demanded in the industry labor market. Scholarships for studies covers the tuition fee and guarantees job at company Robologic GmbH after graduation.

If you

  • have excellent grades
  • are interested in exact sciences
  • want to become a demand world-class specialist

Fill out the free application form below NOW & book your seat. In July, when you receive the documents on secondary education, upload them to our admission system When the most perspective candidates will be invited to an interview with representatives of TSI and Robologic GmbH. Find out more about the rules and regulation of competition here.

Necessary documents

  • Certificate of secondary education
  • Certificate appendix – transcript of records, with an average grade of not less than 8 points on a 10-point grading scale
  • Certificates of centralized examinations in Math and/or Physics, the grade of which is not lower than 80% (Level B)
  • The motivation letter
  • Olympiad winner certificate(s) will be considered an advantage

Take the opportunity and apply for a scholarship for studies from company Robologic GmbH and study for free from the very first day!
Application deadline: August 3rd, 2023.

Robologic GmbH was established in 2013 and is the only company in Latvia operating in the field of automation and the automotive industry. Robologic consider themselves as a part of Industry 4.0, actively working in this direction and sees its potential, has extensive practical experience and highly qualified specialists. For several years now, Robologic GmbH has been offering students internships, guest lectures, professional courses, as well as participating in the implementation of the programme and supporting young people by offering grants to cover tuition fee. The company also has its own training center at TSI, which provides an opportunity for young people from Latvia to become in-demand world-class specialists.

We choose TSI as our collaboration partner because they have the focus aimed at technology. The idea of grants (or scholarships) issuing to students came to me with the purpose of supporting and inspiring them to achieve new accomplishments. We are aware of the interests and trends among the youth, which is why we are getting practically ready-made specialists in the field of robotics. I'm not a strong advocate of higher education in its traditional sense, but obtaining specialized practical higher education is crucial for a career. Now technology is developing so rapidly! It's the highly specialized experts who will always be in demand, especially in our industry. TSI graduates who come to work with us already possess a deep understanding of the field and the main skill that higher education provides – working with information. This is why the integration of TSI graduates into our work processes happens much faster, particularly because they already have a solid foundation and readiness to thrive in this field.

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