Big data in aviation management: revolutionizing decision-making


When it comes to the term ‘Big Data’, there are various interpretations and applications. Put simply, big data describes large, difficult to manage volumes of information, both structured and unstructured, that grow at ever-increasing rates. In the world of big data, experts refer to the ‘three v’s’ – volume, velocity and variety. A lot of […]

Girls in IT – a Challenge or the Future

It’s estimated that by 2030 women – IT specialists would only reach 22% of the total number of IT specialists worldwide. Although the overall trend of women in IT is slowly increasing, it can be seen as a signal to increase attention to girls’ involvement in this industry. In this article, we introduce the students of […]

Study in the UK, Live in Latvia!

The Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) in cooperation with the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) has jointly developed and offers double degree programmes, providing the opportunity to obtain a British education while studying in Riga. This means that when you graduate, you get two diplomas – both from TSI university and UWE Bristol. […]

A Master’s degree can be the key to a successful career in aviation

It prides itself on training highly qualified specialists for long-term and successful careers in aviation. And, with the support of leading professionals in the aviation industry, the Transport and Telecommunications Institute – TSI (Latvia) – provides a unique opportunity to those already working in aviation as well as new entrants. TSI has a long history […]

TSI – In-demand Skillset for the Future

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McKinsey, the world’s oldest management consulting firm, predicts that in the foreseeable future of Europe, the most in-demand specializations would contain skills and knowledge, that are provided by studies in the field of natural sciences and technology. Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) provides such an education, as well as gives an opportunity to the potential […]

Latvia, an affordable destination for engineering, medical and science courses

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Latvia, a country situated along the Baltic Sea in Europe, is one of the safest countries in the world, known for its rich heritage of art and architecture, museums, beautiful landscapes, pristine beaches and friendly people. Latvia’s capital city Riga is a metropolis with an active social scene, green parks and some of the best […]

Studying at TSI in Latvia helped my career, says CAMO engineer

Eduards Minajevs has been interested in aviation from a young age. Given his fascination with flying, it made sense that, when thinking about what degree to pursue, it would involve the aviation sector. Eduards, who is based in Riga, Latvia, recalls that he “wished to be part of the fastest transportation industry available to most […]

Is it Worth to Invest Your Time and Money in a Master’s Degree?

A survey of master’s level students by the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) shows that students hope to hold higher positions and earn more after graduation. Research data shows that their wishes will come true. Latvian and foreign studies confirm the tendency that investments in master’s degrees pay off. Is it time for you to […]

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