Is Artificial Intelligence the World’s Greatest Future Know-How?

It is undoubtedly true that Artificial Intelligence (AI) attracts a lot of hype. It is genuinely a transformative technology that will considerably change our lives. Simply stating, Al is a capability of machines to interpret data and act intelligently. Al is going to change the way of thinking and acting. It is projected to have […]

Professional Program “Aviation Management And Sustainability”

tsi drone

The aviation industry is one of the most attractive for a career as the ability to fly is the eternal dream of mankind! Furthermore, if you wish to work in aviation, there is no need to have a pilot’s license. The aviation industry requires a large number of professionals to manage the organization of flights, […]

Education is Your Chance to Become a Leader

Baltic Outlook, airBaltic’s monthly inflight magazine The Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) is a modern university of applied science in Latvia with one hundred years of history. Over the years, it has educated many aviation experts, and still today students from various corners of the world come specifically to Riga to be trained in the […]

TSI and EIS and have signed a cooperation agreement

In early February, the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) and the Exupery International School (EIS) signed an agreement of cooperation in the field of IT, telecommunications, robotics and aviation. “This is a very significant event for us,” says EIS Director Dmitry Vinogradov, “As a modern and progressive school, we understand the importance of making a […]

It’s the right time to study Aviation Management

Since March 2020, people have been flying several times less often than usual. Has the development of the air transportation industry stopped forever? Of course not. New conditions beg to take a fresh look at the prospects for further development, to assess the emerging threats and opening windows of opportunity. TSI has invited the leading […]