Study in the UK, Live in Latvia!

The Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) in cooperation with the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) has jointly developed and offers double degree programmes, providing the opportunity to obtain a British education while studying in Riga. This means that when you graduate, you get two diplomas – both from TSI university and UWE Bristol. Programmes were created in the fields of data analytics and artificial intelligence, as well as aviation management. Both bachelor’s and master’s level programmes are available for 2023 academic year admission.

Studying double degree programmes is an opportunity for students, primarily from the countries of the Baltic States, to get a high-quality British education at an affordable price close to where they live. The study activities (lectures, seminars, projects) will be held in TSI university in Riga, in accordance with the teaching quality standards of Great Britain, in English. Graduates of the programme will obtain two diplomas from both universities, which ensures the opportunity to build a career in any country in the world. A double degree is more than just two degrees, it’s double resources, double networking, double fun!

TSI has chosen the University of the West of England as its strategic partner because both TSI and UWE Bristol offer study programmes and have significant academic and research experience in similar fields: computer science and artificial intelligence, robotics and electronics, aviation, and transport. “UWE Bristol has a similar curriculum portfolio to our university. Their strong sides are computer science and robotics; besides, they have the best robotics centre in England. As well as UWE Bristol opened a research centre in the field of aviation last year,” comments professor Dr. sc. ing. Irina Jackiva, Chairwoman of the Board and Chief Executive Director at the TSI university.

This type of studies is a great opportunity to get specializations in the most in-demand positions on the job market, gain a British-education perspective and become a member of one of the most notable alumni communities. The study process is organized according to British education quality standards. UWE Bristol representatives constantly monitor the study process from their side – give their assessment and recommendations, share their experience and knowledge, as well as participate in the process of evaluating students. In addition, a valuable part of the courses is entirely based on UWE Bristol materials and methodology. Students of the double degree programmes have free access to the resources of the University of the West of England, such as the e-library, the career platform, webinars and software. Therefore, students are – both actually and legally – in two universities at the same time.

One of the novelties is the double degree master’s study programme “Computer Science: Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence”. This programme offers a unique opportunity to change your current life and focus on a career in a modern and highly demanded field of business. You can enroll in this study programme even if your earlier education was not related to the field of IT! For students with a non-IT-related bachelor’s or master’s degree, the programme offers a preparation (pre-master) semester, which provides all the necessary knowledge and skills for successful studies in the main programme. During the pre-master semester, students obtain knowledge in such subjects as Information Systems and Technologies, Modern Database Technologies, Programming for Data Analytics, etc.

If you already have the experience and previous education in the field of IT, then the studies will only take one and a half years (including the development of the master’s thesis). During your studies, you will have a valuable experience with various industry-class tools and technologies such as R/Python, Tableau, SQL, noSQL, etc.; you will gain knowledge about BI (business intelligence) and data visualization, the application of machine learning in data analysis, IT project and requirements management, you will gain new skills in interdisciplinary group projects with real data, etc. The acquisition of knowledge provides an opportunity to acquire competencies relevant to employers’ demands and promotes international competitiveness in the job market. The study programme is implemented by qualified, experienced academic staff, most representatives of whom work in industry or constantly engage in research.

Double degree master’s study programme “Aviation Management” with an emphasis on sustainability, which is currently a completely unique study programme in the Baltic Sea region, at this level. The added value of this programme is broad networking, as both the coursemates and lecturers are representatives of the aviation industry.

The educators of the programme are highly qualified industry experts. Special Adviser to the Board of Directors at Luton Airport, Professor Romano Pagliari; Director of Aviation Department at Ministry of Transport of Republic of Latvia, Artūrs Kokars; Member of the Board at Riga International Airport, Artūrs Saveļjevs, and other industry experts bring their impact to the educational process. During studies, students are offered the opportunity to specialize and gain practical experience at airports and other aviation companies, participating in various problem-solving cases.

On the other hand, a shortened version of the programme is offered to those who already have experience in the aviation industry and have been working in the industry for more than one year. The programme also offers various guest lectures from high-class guest professors from all over the world, who provide international experience, valuable knowledge, and a clear picture of the real world of the aviation business industry. Within the programme, students will study subjects that provide essential knowledge in the work of mid- and high-level airline managers: Airport Management, Management of Aircraft Maintenance, Strategic Human Resource Management and Leadership, Quality and Safety Management in Aviation, etc. Courses like Aerospace Risk Management, Marketing Management or Sustainable Engineering for Global Challenges are also going to be available for students studying in this programme.  Studies take place on weekends, every third week.

The double degree programme is also offered at the bachelor’s degree level – “Double Degree in Computer Science”, with specialization in AI and Software Development. The offered specialization is important for every specialist who works in the field of IT because AI is one of the fastest-growing areas of computer science and new specialists are constantly in great demand. In cooperation with UWE Bristol, several new courses are implemented into the study programme: Foundations of AI, AI Tools and Techniques, AI Challenges and Research, Academic Skills and Critical Thinking, IT Project Management, Entrepreneurial Skills for the IT Industry, etc.

TSI university provides individual consulting & Q/A sessions for anyone who wants to study in one of the double degree programmes. You can easily book a consultation with representatives of the admission team by choosing the most convenient time for you. The admission team will be happy to answer your questions, as well as to assist you with the application process. The number of students for this programme is limited, so we invite you to book your study place already now by filling out the application.

Studies at the TSI university are knowledge and skills gained for a most significant career growth, where you develop the way of thinking that is necessary to work in today’s digital world. TSI supports talented students and their business ideas both financially and with advice from mentors and industry experts. TSI is a friendly community where everyone knows each other, and the educators have a personalized approach to students.

The Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) is a modern university of applied sciences with a centennial history, which offers high-demand programmes with high-quality qualifications. TSI fulfills the global demand for competing and highly qualified STEM graduates with advanced knowledge, considering the growing need for expertise and solutions to the challenges of transportation, supply chains, aviation management, logistics, robotics, IT and autonomous vehicle fields. TSI is the only private technical higher educational institution in Latvia.

TSI participates in multiple projects, including Erasmus+, and is constantly evolving unique opportunities for the students – such as business incubator iDEAHUB, international double degree programmes, scholarships from business partners, etc.

The University of the West of England (UWE) is a modern and dynamic university with international-level studies and high-class equipment. It is one of the largest and best-known universities in the UK, widely known for its cooperation with leading international companies, as well as for the quality of its research.

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