Latvia Upgrades Competitiveness in the Industrial Market of Baltics: TSI University Unveils a Unique Lab

On March 26, an official grand-opening event for the AdditiveLab took place at TSI, Transport and Telecommunication Institute. During the event, leading business representatives, scientists, students and researchers had the opportunity to network, discussing the collaboration possibilities on the matter of innovative products, solutions and projects, and the new equipment, unique and sole of such in the Baltic region.

TSI AdditiveLab is the only lab in Latvia and Baltic states, that specialises in wire additive manufacturing WAM (3d metal printing technologies), research and solutions. Supporting knowledge expansion and crafting an innovative environment, which ensures product development in local and international entrepreneurship solutions – from the early stage to the global implementation, TSI AdditiveLab is the one to enhance Latvian, Baltics and broader industrial manufacturing market. Lab offers collaboration opportunities in different industry applications (transport, aerospace, general industries, etc.).

The AdditiveLab presentation was opened by TSI vice-rector for academic and research, professor, Dr. sc. ing. Mihails Savrasovs, and the visitors were introduced to the operation and equipment of the lab by the acting dean of the TSI Engineering Faculty, professor, Ph. D. Emmanuel Merchan and head of AdditiveLab Arseny Kisarev, who comments:

“Lab’s machines can use and operate with a variety of materials like aluminium alloys, nickel-based alloys, construction steels, stainless steels, etc. AdditiveLab additionally actively works on software development in order to control the robots, the process itself, and to predict and maintain various technological parameters and features. And we are just starting, so stay tuned!”

During the event, the equipment of the AdditiveLab was demonstrated, which includes Yaskawa high-accuracy industrial robots and two axis stations, Fronius electric arc power source, Meltio laser power source, Wenglor laser geometry sensors, etc., which are vital in modern manufacturing or product development processes and allow the implementation of projects of various scales and levels. In addition, the extensive support from leading specialists is provided within the lab’s work – high-level engineers and experts in the field of science, who help researchers, business companies, and students in the development process of innovative products of high added value.

The main discussions at the networking event were aimed at the possibilities of AdditiveLab, including print-on-demand 3D metal printing technologies, software development and solutions, implementation of research projects with unique industrial robotics equipment, etc. As part of the event, visitors also had the opportunity to get an insightful sneak-peek of the new robotics and additive technologies innovation research cluster.

Reflecting on the already developed AdditiveLab software solutions, Joerg Lewizky, director of Yaskawa Nordic AB’s branch in Latvia says: “Yaskawa is one of the biggest and famous industrial robotics manufacturer worldwide, and in this sense, any cooperation with companies that operate and educate in the field of high technology is also a forward-aimed movement for us. By receiving the feedback from the application that has already been developed in the AdditiveLab, we can reflect on what to improve in our equipment – not only the robots themselves, but also best tools for automation processes. Therefore, cooperation with you and your “know-how” insights is also reflected in our activity. AdditiveLab is equipped with two high-tech robots for laser and plasma cutting applications – there are no other robots of this type in the Baltic region. TSI is a leader in this regard – in terms of equipment availability, welding applications, laser source and high-speed and precision robots – the AdditiveLab is unique, that is definite.”

The opening event took place within the framework of the Association of Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industries of Latvia (MASOC) members’ conference and was highly evaluated by representatives of leading big-scale companies, which confirms the value of the event in science, industry and business sectors.

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