Workshop on Hyperloop technology

Riding the wave of innovation in the transport sector, TSI organized a workshop on Hyperloop technology within the EU project – ePIcenter.

During this event, TSI research and academic staff and doctoral program students explored the nuances of mechanics, potential applications, and challenges of Hyperloop technology.

Telematics and Logistics PhD programme student Aleksejs Vesjolijs, participating in the ePIcenter Project, has chosen Hyperloop Technology as the focus of his PhD dissertation. He described the challenges of this revolutionary system informing attendees about its technical, legal, economic, and ecological aspects.

The detailed study of this thematic research provided workshop participants an opportunity to get acquainted with the real current Hyperloop projects (Zeleros Hyperloop, DGWHyperloop , Hyperloop TT, Swiftube and others) which led to the vivid discussions.

We express our sincere gratitude to all participants and organisers who ensured the success of this enlightening event. Stay tuned for upcoming events and the continuation of scientific debates on revolutionizing high-speed transportation during TSI International Conference RelStat 2023.

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