Take the Opportunity – an Innovative Approach in Master’s Degree

Master Plus is a modern and innovative education with a unique curriculum which proposes in-depth experience in chosen master’s study program. Unlike other more traditional programs, this track presents distinctive opportunity to receive advices and individual consultations from mentors from their professional experience and knowledge.

In the frame of the course students will receive valuable mentoring opportunities throughout the studies, and not only.

The mentor program if offered in following study programs:

Choose the master’s program that you are interested in and you will have an opportunity to choose any of three mentoring courses offered, regardless of the chosen study program and specialization:

  • Design Thinking for Strategic InnovationMentor Dr. Ioseb Gabelaia, A Communications and Marketing Management specialist with over 10 years of extensive experience
  • Sustainable Development Business – Mentor Dr. oec., Professor Inna Stecenko, Specialist in Economics and Management with more than 20 years of experience of collaboration in various universities
  • Analysis and Improvement of Logistics Processes – Mentor Dr. habil. sc. ing., Professor Jurijs Tolujevs, 20 years of work experience at the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation (Germany)

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