Master Plus

Master Plus is a modern and innovative education with a unique curriculum which proposes in-depth experience in chosen master’s study program. Unlike other more traditional programs, this track presents distinctive opportunity to receive advices and individual consultations from mentors from their professional experience and knowledge.

In the frame of the course students will receive valuable mentoring opportunities throughout the studies, and not only. In Master Plus you will:

  • Gain practical advice, inspiration, and support
  • Enhance planning strategies and fundamentals of integrated communication design
  • Learn from experiences of others
  • Boost knowledge on how to analyze digital businesses
  • Recognize the value of networking
  • Become more empowered to make decision
  • Cultivate vital soft skills
  • Develop professional relationships with potential business partners

Meetings with the mentor are planned at least twice a month. Work with a mentor is included in the study program plan 2 CP/semester (in total 6 CP).

The mentor program if offered in following study programs:

You need to choose the master’s program. Afterwards, you will have an opportunity to choose any of three mentoring courses offered, regardless of the chosen study program and specialization.

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Master Plus infographic


The mentor you will have for two years during which he/she will provide you with individual consultations, give an advice and inspiration as well!

The meeting with your chosen mentor will take place at TSI and online, depends on the work and purpose. The meetings will take place as individual consultations, seminars, group work, guest lecture etc., led by mentor.

Tuition fee of MasterPlus track with the mentor support is additionally EUR 500 per year.

Of course, you can apply for master’s study programs without using the Master Plus course. It is also possible to change mentors during three semesters. Three mentors are offered this Winter Intake.

It will be included as a special seminar with credits in the diploma.

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