TERC, Telecommunications, electronics and robotics center

The Head of the Telecommunications, electronics and robotics center

Assoc. professor 

Dr. sc. ing.
Aleksandr Krainukov
Engineering Faculty
Aleksandr Krainukov
+371 67 100 634

Academic degree and current position in TSI: associated professor, leading researcher of the Engineering Faculty, the head of the Telecommunications, Electronics and Robotics Center, Director of Professional Bachelor Program “Robotics” and Director of Electronics professional programme.

Previous experience: for more than 15 years used to be an assistant professor (docent) and lecturer for Computer Science and Telecommunication Faculty in TSI.

Academic experience: Author of more than 75 publications, incl. five teaching books in Transport and Telecommunication, and Springer book: “Reliability and Statistics in Transportation and Communication”.

Teaching at the graduate level: Embedded system based on modern microcontrollers (MESc in Electronics, TSI); Microwaves Circuits Design (MESc in Electronics, TSI).

Participation in projects: has participated in 6 European and Latvian research projects, including as leading researcher in research project ‘Research on dynamic wireless charging of electric vehicles and development of experimental model’ and researcher in LZP 1 project “Development of technologies for the creation of multi-component nanostructured protective coatings for industrial products”.

Research Interests: Signal Processing of Subsurface Radar Sounding, Radar Simulation, Decision of reverse tasks of the subsurface sounding, Embedded Electronic Devices.

Supervised Doctoral, Master and Bachelor Theses and Diploma Projects: Promoted 13 Master theses, 74 Bachelor theses, and 14 Diploma Projects.

The centre of telecommunications, electronics and robotics was founded in 2013 in the framework of project IKAR with financial support of ERDF. The centre includes nine laboratories equipped with the latest software and hardware widely used in academic and research activities. Each laboratory is a collection of contemporary technical, software and methodological maintenance, which allows conducting classes with students at the highest level. The following laboratories were formed and equipped as part of the centre.

Laboratory of Industrial Robots

The laboratory is equipped with 4 industrial robots: the KUKA KR16 robot, the ABB IRB6600 robot, and two KUKA KR125 robots. The laboratory has a functioning segment of an automated production conveyor line, which includes sensors, actuators and control systems based on programmable logic controllers. The laboratory is intended to study the principles of design, operation and use of industrial robots in order to acquire the ability to program industrial robots to perform typical technological operations of robotic production. The model of automated production line allows you to develop practical skills in the organization of robotic cells and robotic levels of automated control systems.

Laboratory of Mobile Robots

The laboratory is equipped with robots of the following brands: NAO 6 humanoid robots (6 pcs.), Khepera IV compact mobile robots (8 pcs.), Koala 2.5 mobile robots (3 pcs.) and the universal robot manipulator UR3. The personal computers of the laboratory have the software necessary for programming these robots. The laboratory is intended to study the principles of programming mobile robots, to implement and study existing and developed robot control algorithms: environment mapping algorithms, route planning and navigation algorithms, object detection and recognition algorithms, remote algorithms, artificial intelligence algorithms, etc.). Laboratory robots and software allow to learn the principles of creating mobile robots, to understand the features of the use of mobile robot information devices and to develop practical skills in the implementation of mobile robot control algorithms.

Laboratory of Telecommunications and Electro-Optical Systems

The laboratory is intended for students to explore the principles of the construction of telecommunications equipment.

  •     Global System for Mobile communications (GSM)
  •     Global Positioning System (GPS)
  •     Radio-Frequency Identification System (RFID);
  •     Optoelectronic Systems
  •     Digital Telephone Networks
  •     Radio Transmitting and Receiving Devices
  •     Antenna-Feeder Devices

There are such brands of the equipment as Yokogawa, Man&Tel Co, IDIL, Ilsintech etc. represented at the laboratory.

Laboratory of Industrial Automation

The laboratory is equipped with Siemens control software systems and models of the production lines. The laboratory is designed for the research of the principles of industrial networks and engineering of the systems of automation based on industrial logic controllers. Industrial manipulator Kawasaki RS03N allows learning the principles of programming of industrial robots and exploring the features of integration of the robotic devices into the automated production lines.

Laboratory of Electronics

This laboratory isequipped with typesetting fields for creating electrical circuits. All the research work is with the use of specialized laboratory measuring equipment.

Laboratory of Subsurface Radiolocation

The laboratory is equipped with the ground penetrating radar of the company GSSI and a set of options for the research of the roadbed. There is software RADAN 7, for processing the data of ground penetrating radar, installed in the laboratory. All the equipment of the laboratory allows exploring the methods of non-destructive quality control of road surfaces and carrying out of work to assess the quality of the laying road surfaces and detection of hidden engineering communications.

Laboratory of Physics and Electrical Machines

The laboratory is equipped with training equipment of the company PHYWE, which allows students to explore the effect of the fundamental laws of physics. At the same time, the electrical machine equipment from the manufacturer K&H MFG, helps to understand the principles and work of modern electric motors.

Laboratory of Robotics and Students’ Research Work

Mg. sc. ing.
Daniil Opolcenov
The Head of the Laboratory of Robotics and Students’ Research Work

The laboratory is equipped with a variety of modern measuring equipment made by the company HAMEG and a set of debug modules for microcontrollers, PLIC and signal processors. Software and hardware platform NI ELVIS II allows carrying out the research of the operation of electronic devices through physical, semi-natural and mathematical simulation.

The laboratory contains a set of functional units of the robots from LEGO, Lynxmotion, Pololu and Parallax, which allows to create autonomous mobile robots and learn the principles of the construction of control systems of robotic facilities in the laboratory.

Laboratory of Designing And Prototyping

The laboratory is equipped with software and hardware of production the prototypes of the electronic devices, including CNC machine tool LPKF Protomat S63, for the production of double-sided printed circuit boards. Soldering Equipment of the laboratory allows to carry out montage using PTH (Pin Through Hole) and SMT (Surface Mount Technology) technologies.

Laboratory of Modelling of Electronic Systems

Computer class with modern software, which allows to execute the simulation of the work of electric circuits and the designing of printed circuit boards. The list of software includes:

  • Electronic Design Automation package OrCAD;
  • Functional Modelling (Simulation) System Proteus VSM;
  • Modelling (Simulation) System of Industrial Standard NI Multisim;
  • Graphical Programming System NI LabVIEW;
  • Designing System for Microcontrollers AVR Studio;
  • Designing System for PLIC (programmable logic integrated circuits) Xilinx ISE WebPACK and others.

Laboratory of Embedded Systems and Digital Signal Processing

The laboratory is equipped with special debug kits with modern microcontrollers AVR, Freescale, STMicroelectronics, as well as programmable logic circuits XILINX. The equipment of laboratory allows designing and exploring of digital signal processing systems and intelligent control systems.

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