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PhD Student Wins Best Presentation Award at the ETECH2024 Conference

Daniil Kulikov, a PhD student at the TSI, Transport and Telecommunication Institute specializing in Digital Economy and Business has been honored with the award for the best presentation at the international scientific conference “Emerging Trends in Economics, Culture, and Humanities (ETECH2024).”

The award-winning presentation, titled “A Novel Approach to Digital Language Learning Through the Strategic Color Coded System (SCCS)/Kulikov’s Method,” was selected by conference participants, including esteemed professors and researchers. Kulikovs’ work co-author Pavel Kulikov, introduced an innovative method for digital language learning, revolutionizing traditional approaches through the Strategic Color Coded System. In the frame of the conference, Daniil Kulikov also presented a second presentation, which was devoted to the topic “Digital Tools in Strategic Global Sports Management”.

Kulikovs’ outstanding presentation stood out with his insightful exploration of pertinent issues resonated with attendees, earning him the prestigious recognition and highlighting the innovative research being conducted in the realm of digital economy at the TSI university.

This achievement not only highlights Kulikovs’ academic achievements but also underscores TSI’s commitment to excellence in research and its impact on shaping the future of digital economy education.

Congratulations to Daniil Kulikov and best wishes for a future filled with continued success!

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