Digitāļā ekonomika un uzņēmējdarbība

Digital Economy and Business

Awarded academic degree: Doctoral Degree of Science, Doctor of Science (Ph.D.) in Social Sciences

Complete study program volume: 120 CP | 180 ECTS

Possible forms of education and study languages:

  • Full-time – 3 years (Latvian, English)
  • Part-time – 4 years (Latvian, English) Courses available during Saturdays

Enrolment requirements: 

  • Master’s degree in management, economics and business or the equivalent education
  • Master’s degree in other social sciences, educational sciences, or the equivalent education, for a person with at least two years of professional work experience in the management of companies and institutions
  • Master’s degree in natural sciences, engineering, or the equivalent education, for a person with at least two years of professional work experience in the management of companies and institutions

Admission Rules

“In order to develop digitalisation, we intend to prepare a new generation of leaders who want to arrange business for digital transformation and is capable of fast transfer and adaptation of foreign technological solutions, generates public demand for digital technologies.”

Inna Stecenko
Dr. oec.
Inna Stecenko
Director of the Programme

About the Programme

TSI offers PhD studies that will expand knowledge in the field of economics and business, as well as will also identify and predict patterns in the development of technology and socio-economic environments, accelerate the transfer and market uptake of digital products and services, and more. The studies will open new opportunities for PhD students in the field of research and will allow them to improve their pedagogical skills in a multinational scientific environment, providing an opportunity to become a leader in the age of digital transformation.

Key Opportunities:

  • A wide range of topics for PhD research in various fields
  • Scientific supervisors and teaching staff – experts with experience in large international projects
  • An Industrial PhD approach – an opportunity to propose your research topic in accordance with PhD student’s current tasks and challenges in career
  • Research support environment – modern labs, research advisors, e-library

Digital Economy and Business Programme Structure

Mandatory study courses

  • Research Methodology
  • Digital business and society
  • Strategic Management and Digital Business
  • Digital Financial Services
  • Econometrics
  • BigData Analysis for Executives

Limited elective courses

  • Modern Economic Problems
  • Contemporary Business Management

Elective courses

  • Pedagogy
  • Project Management
  • Latvian (for foreiners PhD students)

Doctoral Thesis

  • Development of a doctoral research;
  • Presentations at international scientific conferences in the industry;
  • Publications in industry peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Admission to PhD Programme

  • An applicant must have a master’s degree or higher education, equated to a master’s degree
  • The applicant must pass the entrance exam and the English language exam
  • There must be at least one scientific article or thesis on participation in an international conference
  • Admission to PhD studies is open throughout the year
  • For international PhD applicants: copies of diplomas or a copy of the diploma supplement must be in English

Contact Information:
Director of the programme: Professor, Dr. oec., Inna Stecenko
E-mail: Stecenko.I@tsi.lv

Tuition Fee

 Full timePart timeDistance learning
Duration3 years4 years 
Tuition fee EUR/year3500 EUR2700 EUR 

Block A – Mandatory Courses

BigData Analysis for Executives2.003.0
Concepts of Microeconomics in Economic Research2.003.0
Digital business and society4.006.0
Global Economy and Finance4.006.0
Research Methodology2.003.0
Strategic Management and Digital Business2.003.0
Latvian Language2.003.0

Block B – Specialization Courses

Contemporary Business Management6.009.0
Modern Economic Problems6.009.0

Block C – Elective Courses


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