New Funding Opportunities for Students from the EU!

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The Transport and Telecommunication Institute ( TSI ) in cooperation with FINS is offering students from EU Member States a funding opportunity for their studies – the student loan, which is available to both prospective and current students. Financial support is available to students from any European country, including the UK and Switzerland.

FINS is a member of EDUCATIVA, a group of companies with 12 years’ experience in delivering education services.

Why choose  FINS?

The friendly communication and flexibility of FINS throughout the application, use and repayment period is one of the main advantages. FINS prepares a personalised loan offer for each student, based on the applicant’s budget and avoiding over-lending.  The loan for undergraduate students is granted for up to 4 years, for postgraduate students depending on the duration of the studies, up to EUR 25 000. This loan may also include living and transport costs, academic supplies, a laptop, health insurance, etc.

No previous employment or income, no physical or mortgage is required to apply. More information on how to apply and how to receive funding is HERE

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