Lectures in computer science and aviation management by guest professors in February

From February 21 till February 23 at the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) guest lectures in airport management led by lecturer Romano Pagliari from United Kingdom. Dr Pagliari is a Senior lecturer in Air Transport in Cranfield University, author of various scientific projects and studies in the field of airport management, transport economics and planning, as well as airline industry, author of many research papers and book chapters.

The course “Airport Management” is foreseen for students of the master programme “Aviation Management”, and the aim of the course is to provide relevant insight, knowledge and skills in airport business management. The scope of the course will cover business development in both aeronautical and non-aeronautical markets. This includes for example, airport-airline relations, marketing and the development of commercial activities. Learners will also understand how to measure airport business performance. Important areas of policy will also be included such as privatization, ownership model and economic regulation. This is the second visit of Dr Romano Pagliari during this academic year.

From February 21 professor Aliaksandr Puptsau (Lithuania) starts to deliver the study course “Algorithmic Means of Computer Graphics”. Professor of European Humanities University (Lithuania) with more than 20 years academic experience in Computer Science and more than 35 years research experience, author of more than 100 scientific papers and more than 20 scientific and teaching books.

The study course is aimed to examine the basic algorithms used in a three-dimensional (3D) vector graphics, to introduce theoretically and practically with the methods, algorithms and special techniques of flat and three-dimensional (3D) graphical objects, as well as to acquaint with graphics libraries such as OpenGL.

From February 25 till February 28 at the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) guest lectures in computer science led by professor Ashish Seth from India are ongoing. Dr Ashish Seth today is working as Associate Professor in School of Computer & Information Engineering in INHA University in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, has more than 15 year experience of work in universities of Sultanate of Oman and India. Dr Seth says: I would like to combine my competence, sense of responsibility & innovative thinking for future challenges to transcend new horizons for me and for my students. This will be the second visit of Dr Ashish Seth during this academic year.

During all academic year Dr Ashish Seth will work with bachelor level students in two study courses: “Development in NET Environment” and “Logical Programming”. In February he continues lectures and practical classes in the study course “Development in NET Environment”, the course is to enable students to understand issues of .NET environment and to develop real life applications using .NET. During this visit he also starts delivering the course “Logical programming”. The second course is aimed to give skills in logical programming, as well as to introduce the concept and usability of the computer programming, to develop proficiency in making useful software, to develop and document the design of a program using flowcharts and pseudo-code.

More information about TSI guest professors you can find here.

Guest professors are invited to cooperate with Transport and Telecommunication Institute in the frame of the European Union Social Fund project “Strengthening Transport and Telecommunication Institute Academic Staff in the Areas of Strategic Specialisation” (No

The total cost of the project is 676,083.35 euros, of which the European Social Fund supports 574,670.85 euros (85%), and the state budget amounts to 101,412.50 euros (15%).

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