Industry-university partnership project – new ways for students’ development

TSI has implemented innovative cooperation with the Association of Business Service Leaders in Latvia (ABSL Latvia), offering students a 7-lecture cycle “Introduction to Global Business Services (GBS)”. Within the framework of the project, students gained practical knowledge related to the specifics of the industry within one month. After passing the final exam, students were awarded a certificate from the industry association, upgrading their competitiveness in the job market.

“One of the foundations of the TSI education model is the successful combination of academic and practical knowledge. Cooperation with our partners and representatives of the industry provides such an opportunity – therefore, students acquire valuable knowledge that is mostly relevant to the job market and career development. We are grateful to ABSL Latvia for the invaluable input in preparing high-performance specialists and the opportunity for students to gain a unique insight into their future work life.” – Erica Cepule, TSI Business relations specialist.

Within a project, guest lectures were devoted to the following topics – definition of GBS centres and management of this type of organization, financial and accounting process management, procurement management, personnel management, customer service, and operation of the IT support centre.

“During the lecture, the term IT Service Desk was discussed as the initial stage of an organization’s IT support, serving as an important link between technology and end users. It goes beyond problem-solving, often playing a core role in ensuring smooth operations, improving user experience, and contributing to the overall efficiency of an organization’s IT infrastructure. By exploring the complexity and capabilities of Service Desk management, we looked at its key features to ensure a technology-rich work environment.” -Timur Yunusovs, one of the 7 guest lecturers of the project’s series, Tietoevry TechServices, Business Process Improvement Manager.

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