Discounts and Grants from TSI

Personalized Discounts for Bachelor's and Master's Programmes

TSI annually supports purposeful young people who know what they want and wants to become outstanding professionals in their chosen field. TSI provide the opportunity to receive personalized discounts for full-time studies in the amount of 50%, 75% and 100% of tuition fee. Discounts are granted through the competition.

Applicants can apply for a competition for personalized discounts in the amount of 50%, 75% and 100% of the tuition fee already now, by filling the application form and choosing the most suitable discount for you –

Submitting the documents to the TSI Admission Commission, applicants are evaluated according to the results of the State Centralized Examinations, the average score of the certificate, motivation and other personal achievements. The granted discounts can be valid for the entire study period, if the student strictly observes all the conditions of the Contract, signed by TSI and achieves high results in the academic performance.

The application call for budget places 2021 has closed

Discounts for tuition fee do not apply to the following Bachelor study programmes: Robotics, Aviation Transport, Double Degree in Computer Science: Artificial Intelligence; and Master’s study programme: Aviation Management.

Grants for PhD Studies

Opportunity to receive a grant for full-time studies, which 100% covers tuition fee!
Priority research areas for receiving the grants:

  • Artificial Intelligence for Traffic Flow predictions or AI for real time traffic management
  • Computer Vision (for Road Traffic Analysis; etc.)
  • Aviation: Digitalization Processes and Digital Twins

Apply for a grant competition until June 30, 2021.

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