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If you are looking for progress in your career and earn more, then a Master’s degree is imperative!

Difference between Master and Bachelor is that studying Bachelor’s degree you learn how to use existing knowledge and technologies but in Master’s studies you will obtain and learn how to identify problems of existing knowledge and technologies, and then eliminate these problems, how to create new knowledge and technologies.

Earning a Master’s degree provides you with more opportunities, advantages, and perks – depth study and preparation for management, analytical and scientific activities. The ability to change or get an additional specialty. If you want to reach the next level in your career, then look no further! 


Master Plus is a modern and innovative education with a unique curriculum which proposes in-depth experience in chosen master’s study program. Unlike other more traditional programs, this track presents distinctive opportunity to receive advices and individual consultations from mentors from their professional experience and knowledge.

You need to choose the master’s program. Afterwards, you will have an opportunity to choose any of three mentoring courses offered, regardless of the chosen study program and specialization. More info about Master Plus here

Join us online on January 14, 2021 at 17:00 (Riga time) and learn more how to achieve your goals and be ready for a breakthrough – take your career to the next level!

The event will be held in Latvian and English

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