Course Information

Start date of course: 26.09.2022
Duration: 4 weeks (16 ac. hours)
Schedule: Mondays and Thursdays 18:00 to 19:30.
Place: online
Instructor: M.sc.comp. Oļvija Komomašilova
Language of the Course: Latvian, Russian
excel kursi
Price: 180 €

General information

Main Information:

To develop the knowledge, skills and abilities to navigate in MS Excel, create, edit, save a workbook, work with worksheets and data areas. To enter data and perform formatting using Microsoft Excel. Apply MS Excel functions to perform calculations and data processing. Visualize data using graphs. Prepare a document for printing.


  • Open the software and navigate through its environment.
  • Work with the workbook, its worksheets and data.
  • Save a workbook and open a previously created workbook.
  • Work with data areas of a worksheet.
  • Present the data and cells of a worksheet.
  • Perform basic operations on worksheets, worksheet columns and rows.
  • Perform calculations using formulas and functions.
  • Perform data entry, editing and presentation using series and data formats.
  • Use different types of addressing, cell and range defined names when processing data.
  • Create formulae and copy them.
  • Make graphical representations of data using charts.
  • Perform the setting and printing of printout sheet parameters.

Course content:

  1. MS Excel environment. Elements of the working window.
  • Elements of Excel Excel.
  • Toolbars
  • Formula bar
  • Information bar
  1. Workbook actions:
  • Creating a new workbook.
  • Opening a workbook
  • Saving a workbook.
  • Exiting a work in Excel.
  1. Workbook worksheets:
  • Adding a new worksheet.
  • Moving from one worksheet to another.
  • Changing the name of a worksheet.
  • Moving, copying and deleting a worksheet.
  • Hiding and showing a hidden worksheet.
  • Marking multiple worksheets.
  • Marking the columns of the worksheet name with colour.
  1. Work with cells, rows and columns:
  • Inserting and deleting new rows, columns and cells.
  • Moving rows and columns.
  • Freezing and unfreezing rows and columns.
  • Hiding and showing hidden rows and columns.
  1. Actions on worksheet data and data areas:
  • Entering information into cells.
  • Editing and deleting information.
  • Automatic cell filling.
  • Marking a cell and an area.
  • Copying, cutting and moving cells and objects.
  1. Presentation of worksheet data:
  • Cell data formatting - style, size, colour, size.
  • Copying and assigning cell formatting to another cell.
  • Aligning cell data.
  • Merging cells.
  • Resizing columns, rows and cells in a worksheet.
  • Changing the visual presentation of a cell.
  • Presenting data using data formats.
  1. Addressing types and defined names:
  • Use of relative, absolute and mixed addresses in formulas;
  • Using cell and range defined names in Name Manager
  1. Making calculations:
  • Calculations using formulas.
  • Copying formulas to other cells.
  • Using cell addressing to create functions.
  • Inserting and creating functions, specifying function arguments.
  • Using automatic functions: SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, MIN, MAX;
  • Use of the ROUND function to round numbers.
  • Excel error messages
  1. Data visualisation
  • Creating bar, line and pie charts;
  • Adding and presenting chart elements.
  1. Setting and printing print sheet parameters
  • Scaling the data range;
  • Creating headers and footers;
  • Printing the data range, worksheet and workbook

Hurry up to apply! The number of participants in the group is limited - maximum 12 people!

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For more information please write to kursi@tsi.lv, Transport and Telecommunication Institute, Lomonosova Street 1 - Room 404, Riga, LV-1019, Latvia, phone: (+371) 67100659

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