Career Day 2022 – Review

On October 25, 2022, Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) organized an event “Career Day 2022”, where students and high school pupils had the opportunity to meet and get to know their potential employers in the logistics, aviation, and IT industries.

When asked how the Career Day is evaluated from the employer’s point of view, most of the partners expressed that this is a unique opportunity for students and future specialists in these fields to meet their potential employers. The Career Day organized by TSI brings together the most current and relevant employers. “TSI students have a unique opportunity to gain a closer insight into the sphere and industry that is relevant to them. The youth has the opportunity to find his career path from what is offered,” TSI’s long-term partner “MSC” shared its view about Career Day.

“We believe that career days are a good way for students to get to know the industry and the company more closely through the lectures and presentations offered by the company, ” the representatives of “Riga International Airport” share their impressions.

Representatives of “Express Heroes” share their opinions about the Career Day: “Career Day is a great opportunity where students can find internships, and get more in-depth information about the company and the most current vacancies. We can establish contact with a potential employee even before receiving his CV.

We value cooperation with TSI very positively, because after successful internships several TSI students,  join our team as high-quality young specialists.”

“Hosting a Career Day at the beginning of the academic year gives students more motivation and opens up wider opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation.  We appreciate partnership with TSI. At the moment, we also provide support to IT students in computer science by granting them scholarships, thus helping to prepare high-quality young specialists in the field”, representatives of “Clarity Labs” share their insights.

The representatives of “Mile Logistics” emphasize that Career Day provides an opportunity for final-year students. It is a great place where one can establish new contacts with specialists in their field of interest, as well as talk about internships and work opportunities in more open and less pressured conversations, therefore providing broader insight into the company’s operations. “Our cooperation with TSI is valuable because most TSI students become our employees after completing the internship,” say representatives of “Mile Logistics.”

Similarly, TSI’s long-term cooperation partner “Robologic GmbH” emphasizes that it considers cooperation with TSI to be very positive, as many students become long-term employees of the company after graduation.

In the Career Day 2022 e-catalog, you can get to know more about TSI’s cooperation partners.

More pictures and videos will follow soon.

We would like to say a big thank you to all our cooperation partners who participated in the Career Day organized by TSI.

See you next year!

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