Youth Innovation ChatBot Becomes the New Virtual Assistant of The Riga International Coach Terminal

We are happy to announce that TSI innovation and entrepreneurship center iDEAHUB and 12th-grade pupils of MyCompany Daugavpils State High School have established successful cooperation with JSC Riga International Coach Terminal by developing a ChatBot.

“Our ChatBot is designed to help transport companies communicate with customers. We are students from Daugavpils and our idea is quite original because we create chatbots specifically for transport companies and analyze the needs of companies and users,” says the MyCompany team about the developed digital tool.

As a result of successful cooperation, the ChatBot project – The Coach Terminal’s virtual assistant starts work and is currently able to provide information on bus timetables and route planning. From December 29, 2022, the VIRTUAL ASSISTANT is available on the bus station’s website.

TSI wishes the pupils of the 12th grade of MyCompany Daugavpils State High School success in the further development of the project! They deserve them!

Nikita Radzevics, Renats Stelmaconoks, Azars Redjkins, Olegs Melniks un Nikolajs Romancevics developed the project in just 6 months, acting as participants in the 3rd round of iDEAHUB innovation project development! We are also proud and truly happy to establish new cooperation with JSC Riga International Coach Terminal!

The aim of the iDEAHUB is to promote the implementation of youth innovation applications, which develops their innovation capacity and entrepreneurship skills, solves problems important to the society or its part, strengthens cooperation of universities and students with entrepreneurs and attracts private funding for the implementation of the Student Innovation Programme. Don’t miss the opportunity to apply for the fourth iDEAHUB innovation project application competition and win a prize of up to 11,000 euros! More information about the application here.

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