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Welcoming Blended Intensive Programmes BIP Students from Lithuania and Estonia!

Currently, TSI hosts the courses within the Blended Intensive Programs (BIP) framework for students TTK University of Applied Sciences, Kaunas University of Applied Engineering Sciences and Estonian Aviation Academy.

Blended intensive programmes BIP are focused on developing innovative approaches to education. Part of the courses is based on the online communication format, allowing the transferred knowledge and materials to be more mobile and available to academic staff and students of any university.

The virtual and on-campus parts of the courses, including Transport and Distribution Planning and Simulation Modelling in Logistics, are conducted by the Transport and Telecommunication Institute TSI.

In accordance with the course topic and content, TSI provides educational material, presentations, a source-broad online library, and other resources for the full implementation of the educational process. During the on-campus part of studies, students and professors have the opportunity to learn more about the studying process at TSI, visit different labs, and obtain the practical experience necessary for the successful completion of the courses.

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