TSI Latvijas saha centrs 2021_1

TSI will Become the Center of Latvian Chess this Week!

TSI has been very proud to support the chess events taking place in Latvia for many years and from September 17 to 24, three significant tournaments in classical chess will take place in the premises of the Transport and Telecommunication Institiute (TSI) – the Latvian Men’s Championship, the Latvian Women’s Championship and the Latvian Open Chess Tournament. And from November 5 to 7, TSI will host the Youth Speed Chess Championship at its premises.

The first games will start on Friday, September 17, and the winners will be announced at the solemn event on September 24. All tournaments will run in 9 rounds with a reflection time of 90 minutes per game, plus 30 seconds per move with the FIDE rating calculation. More information about the participation fee and rules can be found HERE.

Therefore, the Rector of TSI, PhD Juris Kanels, says: “TSI is very pleased to be able to traditionally support the leading organization of Latvian chess tournaments, thus promoting the spread of knowledge among young people in our country. At the same time, an important social function is being solved – useful leisure time is being promoted. TSI will be happy to welcome people who like chess as a hobby among its students. ”

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