TSI Welcomes Honorary Guests from Germany

Last Friday TSI hosted a meeting for guests from Dortmund, Germany.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Clausen, Director of Fraunhofer-Institute Material Flow and Logistics (IML) & Institute of Transport Logistics (ITL) at TU Dortmund University, leading the delegation of transport enterprises management, expressed the delegation’s common interest in finding out more about transport and aviation development at TSI.

Honorary guests were greeted by Prof., Dr. sc. ing. Irina Yatskiv, Chairwoman of the TSI Board, as well as by Assis. Prof. Ph.D. Juris Kanels, Rector of TSI.

During their visit, the delegation had a TSI labs & Aviation Centre tour and discussion session within which Prof., Dr. sc. ing. Mihails Savrasovs, TSI Vice-Rector for Academic & Research shared insights on the TSI research in area of cluster Modelling-Based Systems Analysis and Design (MADSYS). Prof. Emeritus Dr. habil. sc. ing. Jurijs Tolujevs presented research implemented within the ePICenter project.

International cooperation is a significant element of TSI’s scientific activity today. TSI researchers work with representatives of many world research organizations, such as the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft; Dutch), the UWE Bristol (UK), the Sapienza University of Rome (Italy), and many others. The Fraunhofer Institute has a special place in this list both in terms of its research topics close to TSI and in terms of the long-term and multifaceted nature of this cooperation

comments Prof., Dr. sc. ing. Irina Yatskiv, Chairwoman of the TSI Board.

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