TSI Visits Students in Latgale and Zemgale Regions

For more than 4 years, TSI has been actively building cooperation with Latvian high schools and vocational schools, allowing high school pupils and vocational school students to participate in exciting lessons giving insight into their future profession and career choice.

This month, we visited Latgale and Zemgale region students from Daugavpils Science High School, Daugavpils Opportunities High School, Daugavpils State City High School, Daugavpils Technology and Tourism Vocational School, Preiļu 2nd High School, Olaine 1st High School, Olaine 2nd High School, Jelgava 4th High School, as also at Jelgava Vocational School.

During the exciting lessons, pupils had the opportunity to learn about STEM directions, and gain new knowledge and exciting experiences while learning about exact and technical sciences. Young people were introduced to the necessary management skills and new opportunities for self-development in the “Leadership” lessons, as well as learned the latest data on labor market demand and which professions are currently in most demand.

It was a real pleasure to meet the students from Daugavpils State City Secondary School, which participates in the iDEAHUB project of the TSI Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center on the development of innovative technology solutions. Five students have made their project “MyCompany team” and for 6 months developed a ChatBot which already provides information about bus timetables and route planning for the Riga International Coach Terminal.

“This lecture allowed us to learn about IT technologies and job opportunities in this field. We found out what are the highest-paid and in-demand professions of the future. We are very grateful for this wonderful opportunity to gain new knowledge that will help us choose a future profession,” the students of Daugavpils State Capital share their insights.

“We are grateful for continuing the long-standing tradition of cooperation. We care about career education and want to show students the variety of careers. In the lessons conducted by TSI, we can get to know TSI’s offer more closely and see the differences from the offers of other universities,” says the Daugavpils State City High School teacher.

“Students learned that when building a professional career and choosing a profession, it is important to understand what a person WANTS, CAN, and what society NEEDS. During the lecture, one learned about the most demanded professions. The lecturers presented a wide range of study programmes, discounts, and career opportunities,” says Plaines 2nd secondary school teacher.

We would like to say a big thank you to Daugavpils, Preili, Olaine, Jelgava high schools, and the vocational schools for the warm welcome and active participation in the lessons organized by TSI! We hope for further cooperation in the future!

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