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TSI Study Programmes in STEM are Highly Evaluated

On December 6th, Quality Agency for Higher Education (AIKA) Study Quality Committee stated the accreditation of the “Information technologies, computer engineering, electronics, telecommunications, computer management and computer science” study direction for a maximum period – of 6 years.

Acknowledged by the expert opinion, confirmed TSI study programmes:

  • Academic bachelor study programme “Computer Science”
  • Academic bachelor study programme “Robotics”
  • Academic bachelor study programme “Computer Engineering and Electronics”
  • Academic master’s study programme “Computer Engineering and Electronics”
  • Academic Master’s study programme “Computer Science”
  • Academic master’s study programme “Management of Information Systems”
  • PhD study programme “Telematics and Logistics”

TSI adjusts and modernises study programmes based on job market trends and employers’ requests and recommendations. The biggest changes within the programmes are the bachelor’s study programmes, where TSI in its highly developed laboratories and science centres provides all the necessary practical skills in cooperation with business partners, as well as providing students with a choice of specialisations starting from the 3rd year within the programs.

On the other hand, for master’s level programmes, the study process takes only one year, in addition to the development of the master’s thesis. A choice of various specialisations is offered, ensuring that master’s students can choose the competences that interest them and learn them in depth. During the accreditation of the study direction, the possibility to implement master’s study programmes in a shorter version of 60 credit points was added. From now on, applicants without relevant earlier ICT or electronics education will be able to study master’s programmes, if they meet the admission requirements of the programme specifically.

Thanks to all the students for constantly giving us the opportunity to improve, and thank you to our partners & to TSI staff for their valuable input!

TSI bachelor’s, master’s and PhD level study programmes and their descriptions are available here.

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