teacher with students

TSI students are among the world’s polymaths

The freshmen team of the Transport and Telecommunication Institute of the Engineering Faculty participated in the International Online Olympiad “Erudite Planet – 2021” and entered the top of the strongest teams, taking the honourable 7th place out of 90!!!

TSI team of polymaths “Riga Sunflowers” succeeded in 12 rounds of the Olympiad and confidently showed the team spirit, will to win and proper erudition.

Congratulations to the students – first year students who performed under the guidance of TSI Assistant Professor Tatiana A. Shamshina.

The main purpose of the Olympiad is to develop the students’ creative abilities, to reveal their intellectual potential and to discover new talents. Participation in the Olympiad also allowed them to expand their horizons, to apply their own knowledge, erudition and logical thinking, to demonstrate the ability to make decisions in non-standard situations, to develop skills of working in a team under time constraints.

Moreover, all participants and their teachers received certificate and an invitation to take part in the second round of the Olympiad from 3 to 6 January 2022 in Moscow! We congratulate all participants and team leader of Riga Sunflowers for the deserved victory and wish them good luck and excellent results in their studies!

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