TSI Rector Gave a Lecture to Representatives of Various Institutions of Ukraine on the Preparation Process and Joining the European Union

This week Rector of the Transport and Telecommunication Institute, Ph.D.sc.pol. Juris Kanels within the study programme: “European studies – EU Accession negotiations for public servants” gave a lecture for public sector representatives of Ukraine on the topic “Negotiations within chapters (transport, mobility). Current challenges for the sector”.

This professional training programme is leaded by the University of Latvia and its goal is to provide assistance to representatives of different ministries and state institutions of Ukraine for their preparation to the European Union accession negotiations.

Ph.D.sc.pol. Juris Kanels from 1993 till 1998 was the first Ambassador of Latvia to the EU. Thus, he was sharing his personal experience with Ukrainian colleagues and, during the presentation, covered such topics as importance of Transport sector for the European Union, contents of accession negotiations and agreement, assessment of the results and consequences of Latvia’s accession to the EU for transport sector.

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