TSI Participates in the International Conference

TSI Participates in the International Conference Transport Research Arena – TRA 2024

This week, TSI representatives participated in the 10th conference “Transport Research Arena – TRA 2024“, which took place in Dublin, Ireland from April 15-18.

The TRA 2024 conference brings experts from around the world to Ireland to discuss the newest innovations and the future of transport and mobility. Professors of TSI, Dr. sc. ing. Irina Yatskiv, Dr. sc. ing. Mihails Savrasovs, Dr. sc. ing. Dmitry Pavlyuk, as well as a PhD student of the programme “Telematics and Logistics” Francesco Maria Turno, participated in the conference and gave presentations on topics such as “CargoTube Network Analysis Based on an Agent-based Modelling: Lower Saxony Case Study” and “Enhancing MaaS Personalisation through Synthetic Data Generated from a Tabular Large-Scale Mobility Dataset“, while Mihails Savrasovs and Dmitry Pavlyuk tool part in TRA 2024 special session “Revolutionizing Higher Education and Research in Transportation: AI-enhanced Curriculum Design and Implementation” with presentations “GenAI in Curriculum Development: Skill-building for the Future” and “AI-Empowered Transportation Research: Emerging Skills and Competencies”.

TSI is an active member in various international projects in the field of transport and mobility. Within the framework of the TRA conference, TSI representatives presented the results of the EU project ePIcenter:

  • CargoTube Network Analysis Based on an   Agent-based Modelling: Lower Saxony
  • Supporting the Planning of dedicated CargoTube Links through Simulation
  • Technological Design Considerations of CargoTube Low-Pressure Tube Transport for High-Speed Sustainable Logistics Networks

TRA is the biggest and most prestigious conference of the European Union dedicated to transportation challenges. It is a great opportunity to share research results, establish new partnerships and discuss potential projects. It is amazing to be here and feel part of a large transport expert community

– Vice-Rector for Academic & Research, Professor, Dr. sc. ing. Mihails Savrasovs

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