TSI Metaverse Evening: A Night of Innovation and Exploration

On June 6th, TSI hosted the TSI Metaverse Evening event as part of the Student Club “Borya Cikorya” activities. Students, staff, and special guests experienced and observed the use of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) applications.

Participants were divided into teams to brainstorm potential future use cases for VR/AR/MR technologies. Some of the innovative ideas presented by the Teams included:

  • 3D scanning of organs for further study in VR.
  • Training doctors using VR simulations.
  • Gamifying the educational process with VR games and immersive videos.
  • Real estate advertising with VR tours of properties.

The event featured a special guest, Maksims Kondratjevs, founder of, startup entrepreneur, and professional in UI / UX. Maksims evaluated the teams’ ideas, provided advice on how to bring these ideas to life, shared his startup experience, and offered feedback on the business concepts, also discussed the future of VR technologies. TSI and the Student Club extend gratitude to Max for his participation!

Then representatives from various TSI community groups, including professors, TSI students, school students, students from other universities (LU, RTU), the special guest, and club activists, brainstormed the future of education. Topics included the role of courses, the impact of higher education legislation, and the integration of VR and other technologies in education.

This school year’s last student organized event concluded with some pizzas and networking among the participants. 

See you in the next events!

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