TSI makes investments in a long-term development of academic staff

Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) is implementing European Social Fund (ESF) project “Strengthening Transport and Telecommunication Institute Academic Staff in the Areas of Strategic Specialisation” (No since November 2018.

Within the framework of the project, many interesting events have taken place in recent months. Along with the general world trend of internationalization of universities, TSI is rapidly expanding international cooperation with other universities in the academic and scientific fields and, thus, becoming a competitive player in the international market for higher education. Cooperation with the professor from Greece Eftyhiya Natanil is still ongoing. As with the fall semester, it is planned to begin a new collaboration with professors from Egypt, Portugal, India, Japan and Lithuania.

Thanks to the project, 11 TSI lecturers are doing internships in such Latvian enterprises as “Starptautiskā lidosta Rīga”, “Robologic”, “RUNWAY”, “Kuehne & Nagel”, “Airline Support Baltic” and “SAF TEHNIKA”, and this list will significantly expand in coming academic year. As a result of internships, the content of curricula and training courses will be improved, so the relevance of the programs will correspond to the pace of technology development. Internships within the project provide new opportunities for cooperation with enterprises in the scientific field and providing our students with practice.

ESF support provided an opportunity for TSI teachers to improve their skills in professional English in the field of aviation, computer technology and electronics. This will have a further positive impact on the quality of education and will open up new horizons for the creation of new curricula in English, including programs in collaboration with other universities.

The project at TSI has 5 doctoral students at the Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunications and the Faculty of Transport and Logistics – Anastasia Khismutova, Janis Peksa, Alexander Avdeykin, Adham Elmenshavi and Alexander Kotlar.

TSI is still accepting applications from academic staff. An open competition for foreign teachers is open until March 5, 2020, and applications from doctoral students and candidates of science are accepted until August 31, 2019. More information about open calls can be found in the section Vacancy.

The total cost of the two-year project (till 31 October 2020) is 676,083.35 euros, of which the European Social Fund supports 574,670.85 euros (85%), and the state budget amounts to 101,412.50 euros (15%).

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